a quiet start to my Monday

Its 6 Am, Good morning everyone!
I slept ok, I guess.
I woke at around 4:45, ended up getting up then. Knew I wouldnt go back to sleep again. I had woken up around 12:30, and ended up eating something, as I felt hungry, good thing I did, as I was able to get back to sleep once I ate.
Its a lovely morning out there, the weather is beautiful, sun is shining. I let Nitro out, and when he came in he got a little bit sick on the rug, so I ended up cleaning dog vomit, not a nice way to start my morning off.
I should go make my second cup of coffee, I have therapy at 10, and I am all geared up for it, its going to be a hard session, i know.

Shopping at lidal

It was a bit of an experience going out today.  I wore a mask going out, which was fine, I managed to wear it and was able to breath ok, but it kept slipping off of my face, so I think I was wearing it upside down. At least my mom said she thinks that is why it kept slipping off.  I got a taxi to lidal and met my PA there.  I got there before her so I waited for a few minutes until she came.  When I got to lidle the line was super long. I didnt have to cue though because my PA has a badge since she’s a worker for the HSE.  I got on the phone to my mom, because I hate standing and waiting, so I talked to her while I waited. Eventually my PA came. We went in and got the few things I needed, I got strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, chocolate, bin liners, and washing powder.  Then I went to try to get the talking weighing scales I wanted, they had scales, but they werent talking ones.  However we didnt realise this until we got back home. I also got a blood pressure monitor.  I havent checked it out yet though.  We finally finished up and got a taxi home, but I had to stop off at my friends house to drop in a weighing scales to her.  When we got home I put everything aay. And then my PA took Nitro out for a shofrt walk for me. She had to go to the local shop near where I live because I forgot my milk.  When she got back I told her I’d give her the day off tomorrow. I decided to go to my parents house a day early because the weather is meant to be super bad tonight and tomorrow.  She was so appreciative of a day off.  She had brought Nigtro a box of boneos so I gave him two which he gulped down.  We left my house at 11 AM and I got another taxi to my parents house.  I am glad I was able to wear the face mask without too much trouble.  I was so worried I wouldnt be able to breathe with it on.  I washed it as soon as I got back home, and hung it out to dry on my radiator.  I only have one mask, I should probably buy another one to have a spare one handy.  I’ll be at my parents house now until Sunday.