#Writephoto prompt

For Sue Vincents writephoto prompt…

Rolling hills
In the distance
I sit
Beneath the trees
A cloud filled sky
Before me
As morning comes
The light penetrates
As I sit
Pen poised
Wondering what to write
Like a lightning bolt
Thoughts begin to flow
I look up
At those rolling hills
And that glorious sky
Now glistening
With amazing sunlight

Thursday photo prompt: Reaching #writephoto

#Writephoto prompt:Mirror, mirror

Through the trees
The sun gleams
Casting its reflection
On the still water
Pretty rainbows
Dance and make
Me and everyone who sees them
Feel excited
And so full of joy and happiness
Any day
Where the sun shines
And where rainbows dance
Is a day of bliss


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Tuesday writing prompt challenge for august 20th 2019

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray.

Todays prompt:

Use the phrase edge of summer in a poem or short piece of prose.


edge of summer

but not summer weather

in ireland

we’re not having summer weather this year

our weather is

on the edge

on the edge of summer

scattered showers

blowing winds

thunder, rain

on the edge of summer sun

Oh how

We live in hope

For better weather to come


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#Writing prompt 31, hot, hot hot!

#writing prompt 31The hottest day ever was…
Last year, in june, ireland experienced a heatwave. The temps rose, to an all time high. We had temps of 32 c, on the hottest day of the year!
It was an absolutely gorgeous summer last year. Ireland normally gets temps of between 15 and 21 c on an average summers day. So to have these type of temps was unheard of for us.
We relished them though. We took to the beaches, parks, and had BBQ’s, swam, went on day trips etc.
I remember going on a day trip to the beach with my mom, on one of the hottest days of last summer, we couldnt even sit on the beach, in case we would burn.
The weather is certainly doing weird things, lately.

My sisters having a fun holiday

I got an update from my sister today. She’s really enjoying her holiday, its really hot in the canaries, around 35 degrees c every day.
they took the kids to a zoo and a water park, go carting, and to the beach, there is a peer on the beach, the kids have been jumping off of it into the water and loving it.
Tomorrow she’ll be gone a week already. It went by so fast!
I’m glad she’s enjoying herself. Her partners sister came out there on thursday with her kids, and his other sister will be coming out on monday with her kids, and his mom and dad are there already they went at the same time as my sister and her partner.
We’d have gone too, if my mom was able to travel, but with her COPD she isnt able to fly long distances.

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#writing prompt #26

Once upon a june…

I love the month of june. I love it because its summer time. There is so much to do. June is my moms birthday month. It is the time when I used to get summer holidays from school. It is usually sunny and warm. This june wasn’t particularly warm, but mostly June is a hot month. There are outings, there are family events, there are fun times. So much to do.
This june we had a family party, and we had my cousins wedding. Two lovely events, two fun filled events. We went for summer walks, we took the kids to the park, we went for long drives, we took the dogs to the beach.
I love june, and I love summer.

Writing Prompt #26