Sunday goals

Today I want to complete these goals if I can. It will be a challenge for me, but I am aiming to complete all of these, and if I do I can say yes, I accomplished something despite how mentally unwell I am feeling at the moment.

get dressed
eat 3 regular meals
read and try to finish up my current book
feed nitro
Do something nice for me, possibly that will be putting nice scented body lotion on after my shower.

If I can do all this today, I’ll call it a win!

Plans changed

I didn’t end up going to Normas house. She rang me and said something came up and she needed to go out. So I didn’t go. That suited me though, I’m so tired. I lay down for a while and I watched tv. I didn’t sleep though. I just watched the Mrs. Browns boys Christmas special on tv. Its an irish comedy. Its so good…really funny. I laughed a lot.

Now I have the radio on, but I think I’m going to go read. Its just gone 4 PM here. I am drinking coffee but this is my last cup. I will just chill for the rest of the evening. I booked my taxi to take me to my weigh in tomorrow morning, I booked it for 9 AM. I need the taxi driver to wait for me, I’ll only be 5 minutes getting weighed.

Right, going to go now. Catch ya’ll later.


Thats what I’m doing today is relaxing. Enjoying a quiet afternoon at my parents house. We had dinner that my dad cooked. We had a nice roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatos, veg and mashed potatos. I was so stuffed after it. I’ve been messing online, downloading books, sorting out my files and doing email. Mom has to go to my dads aunts funeral this evening, well there is prayers tonight, the actual funeral is tomorrow. I’m not going, I dont like funerals and I never go to them unless its absolutely necessary. I am going to chill out here, maybe read, drink my tea and maybe watch something on tv. I was going to go to normas house, but I thought about it and decided not to, as if I went I’d probably find it very hard to get a taxi home again. Its crazy at christmas time, taxi’s are very scarce. I ended up booking my one for tomorrow morning to take me to slimming world, after that mom and me are going to go to my house so I can give my neighbour her present, and we want to make sure that all is ok at my house, mom wants to clean the yard, and empty the bins and stuff like that. So we’ll spend a few hours there before coming back to my parents house. This morning after I got up at 4:30 I thought I was up for the day but I went back to bed at around 6 AM and I fell asleep until 9:15. I was delighted that I slept a little bit longer. I feel better for it now.