Checking my stats

This week for her Sunday poser, Sadje is asking us…

Do you check your blog stats often? And does it make a difference to you, if people are visiting your blog more or less?

I admit it. I am obsessed. I check my stats numerous times a day!

I write every day, and I like to see which of my posts were viewed, and how many views each one got.

I also enjoy seeing which countries are visiting my blog.

I’ve had over 750 thousand views since I started this blog back in 2015.

I’m very pleased with my stats on most days.

I average about 300 views on most days.

Some are higher, some lower, but on average it is around 300.

I get a lot of engagement via comments, not so much in the way of likes.

That is ok though.

I’m just happy if people are visiting, and can relate to what I write.

Sunday Poser # 134 – Blog stats – Keep it alive (