National suicide prevention month

September is world national suicide prevention month, and today is worl suicide prevention day!

I’ve been suicidal many, many times. If you feel suicidal right now, please know your not alone. If you feel like your unable to go on, there is help out there. There are phone lines, crisis lines, suicide hotlines, and its good to talk. A problem shared is a problem halved.

If you’d like to reach out here, please do. I understand the pain, sometimes I am still in so much pain mentally that I feel I’d be better off out of this world, I feel like a burden to my loved ones and like they’d all be better off if I wasnt here.

I know rationally thats not the case, but my mind plays tricks on me, when your in the depths of depression, and feeling very low, you cant see the bigger picture, and you really do think nobody cares, or is there to give you a helping hand.

But really, people do care! You are very important to your friends, and loved ones. If you were gone they’d be devastated. I promise its true.

I have tried more than once to kill myself. A few times I’ve come pretty close. I know my actions hurt a lot of people. I wasnt able to care when I did it, but I do now. I swore that if I ever felt suicidal again, I’d get help. I’d reach out. I’d talk to someone. I’d try to change my thought processes.

I urge you to do the same. Leave me a comment here. I promise to respond. I am trying to break the stigma surrounding suicide. Its ok not to be ok. Your not bad for feeling suicidal…its a feeling, it doesnt last forever. I promise.