We’ve reached a crisis point

Well, I’ve had quite the afternoon! We’re in a bit of a crisis over here.
I was cleaning my closet today and I found a bunch of meds in there. There was 2 bags of meds in there. I asked around inside to see if anyone knew anything, eventually, emily whose 12 was crying and she said she’d stockpiled them. She said she couldnt take meds, they were poison. Poor kid, I know she’s really struggling. My heart aches for her.
Of course when I found the meds I panicked. How long had they been there? And I never knew?
Sarah our CPN was due to phone me, and when she did I told her about the meds. She offered to come to my house and take them and get rid of them for me. I was so thankful! I did not want them hanging around our house for too long.
She has just been and took the meds away.
Now I need to ring eileen and let her know. She needs to know what is going on.
Poor emily is so upset. She thinks everyones mad at her.
I tried telling her we arent, that we just want her to be safe. She says she doesnt feel safe.
What to do, what to do?
I’d better go ring eileen now.