Still not sleeping, still not ok

Hi everyone

Its Carol anne. Emily has gone back inside for now. She isn’t ok at all. I’ve been trying to comfort her for the last 2 hours. She’s really struggling tonight.

We haven’t slept at all. We tried. It was just not happening. So now I am on my recliner, I am laying here trying to nod off.

Its almost 4 AM now. I have to get back up at 7 as I need to shower because I stink and then Frances will be here at 9 AM.

Thank god Frances will be here for 2 hours this morning. She can hopefully distract us.

It sucks to be feeling so bad. Emily’s feelings are leaking through to me. I don’t like it.

I am definitely going to let her text Eileen tomorrow. Hopefully they can talk for a few minutes at some point during the day.

Well, better go try to get a few hours rest, before I need to be up, watch now and Nitro will wake me to go out before its time to get up, he does that a lot but you can’t blame him as he’s old now.