Mental health update

So I’ve still struggled a lot today, what with the stress of mom being ill, and then my lack of sleep, I did go to bed at 7 AM and I slept until 9:30 when mom called me. After we talked I went back to bed, where I remained until about 11:45.
I am feeling really dissociative right now, I am also feeling down, my mood feels flat, I feel some anxiety also.
I do have therapy tomorrow morning, I am so glad about that. Aisling from the weekend team called me again this morning to check in. At the time I was very worried about my mom. We talked about that and then we talked about how my evening went last night, and what I did to cope. I told her I had face timed a friend, and had cooked lasagna even though I really didn’t feel up to it.
I was glad that she checked in with me. It did help and I didn’t feel so alone.
I think my therapy session tomorrow is going to be tough. I’m not sure what we’ll discuss, we don’t have a plan for it right now, just going to let whatever happens happen I guess.