Anxiety strikes

I’m so anxious tonight. Mostly about college. I recently started my second module, in excel. And I can honestly say I am struggling with it. I dont feel I’m doing so well. I find the concepts and formulas hard to grasp. There are so many of them. And I have to type them all out long hand, I cant use the tool bars as my screen reader seems to have trouble reading them. Its just been hard. And my exam is in two weeks. And I’m so nervous. What if I dont do well or pass? What will I do? Yes you can repeat the module but only once. If you dont pass the second go round you just fail and thats that. I desperately want to pass and not only pass but do well I want to get a distinction. I am not sure though that I will. I know your probably thinking why am I worrying. I cant help it. I get stressed out easily. This is one area that stresses me out if my ability to achieve things, to get results and do well. So much is riding on it. I want to do it both for myself but also for my family who are seeing how well I amd oing lately in all aspects and areas of my life. I dont want to disappoint them now. I’m just over thinking and that leads to my anxiety getting higher. I should try to go to bed and calm down. There really is little point in worrying tonight as I cant do anything anyway about any of it.