I saw Dr. Barry this morning

I’ve just seen dr. barry. We had a good appointment.
We discussed all of my heightened symptoms. I’ve been having very bad anxiety, dissociative episodes, ptsd symptoms, disturbed sleep etc.
She thinks my heightened symptoms are worsened by my stress levels lately. She did say that I’ve had a very difficult year and that she’s noticed my dissociation worsening over the last couple of months.
She said I could benefit from doing a stress management course, and she gave me a resource online to log on to, where I can do a six week course in stress management.
She also increased my olanzipine, and she prescribed zopiclone for 2 weeks to help with my disturbed sleep.
She referred me to the weekend team, so this coming weekend I’ll either see someone face to face or else I’ll get a phone call from them to check in, not sure yet. Will know more on Friday.
She did say she doesnt think adding any more new meds is wise, she feels I am very overmedicated as it is, and I do agree, I am. I am on 3 antipsychotics, the max dose of prozac, and clonadine at night as well as the zopiclone now for the next two weeks.
She said we can review things in two weeks time, but that I should stay on my current med regime for now.