Last call!

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: last call. Talk about the enterprise (sales or service) conducted by the last phone call you received from a business youre not associated with (i.e. your workplace), or talk about that phone conversation itself. Have fun!

The last call I recieved was from my phone service provider!

The first call they made to me, I missed it! I tried calling the number back, but I got an automated voice, saying, someone from Eir was trying to get hold of you!

Well damn! I suppose now I have to wait for you to try again!

Which they did eventually!

Why were they calling me?

To tell me I owed money on my bill, and I needed to pay it or I’d be cut off! Well damn again!

What normally happens is, your bill comes out, but they only give you two weeks to pay it off, this bill comes once a month, and mine is usually about 150 euro!

I know that seems expensive, but I have phone, broadband and tv with them!

Anyway, did I pay it off? No, not yet! Lol!

So I suppose they’ll call me again soon to tell me pay it or else!

They only ever call me when they want my money! Either for the bill, or else they might call to ask me to add a service, or upgrade my plan!

Why dont they ever call and tell me hey, we’re giving you something, a free month maybe?

Fat chance of that!

2020 is almost here!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is year. Use it any way youd like. Enjoy!

Another year is ending. I’ve done a ton of stuff this year. I’ve made so much progress in my healing. I am very proud of how far we’ve come this past year. Eileen said similar to us at our last therapy session before the christmas break. I am hopeful that 2020 will be an even better year than 2019 was. Wow! Imagine we’ll have to try to remember to write 2020 on everything! I think I’ll be forgetting to do it lol. I am hoping in 2020 to lose a lot more weight. I have a lot to look forward to next year. My niece Lauren is making her confirmation in March. So my goal is to lose as much weight as I can between now and the end of march. My plan is to exercise a lot. Every day, if I can. I am already eating much more healthier, but I havent been exercising that much. That needs to change. I need to become more motivated. Then after the celebrations in march, I wont have long to go before I head to colorado in May. Before that though it is my birthday. A big birthday next year, I’ll be 40. I’m going away for my birthday to Killarney, our second home. We love going to Killarney. I’ll be going with my mom, sister and the two kids. We’ve got a 2 night break planned for the weekend of my birthday. I cant wait. Then in May just before we head off to colorado we’re going to Killarney again, for 3 nights, for my aunts 50th birthday. Thats happening the weekend before I go to colorado. I will also be graduating from college. I am not sure yet when the graduation is but it will probably be in april or May. I am excited for graduation. I hope I’ll make it. Depending on what I am doing, I may not. But I really hope I will. I really wanna wear the cap and gown. So a lot is happening in this upcoming year ahead. So much to look forward to. I havent really made new years resolutions, I guess my only real one is to lose weight, that is my big goal. I hope I will get there. I want it so bad. I will also be retiring Nitro this coming year. He’s 9 now so coming up on retirement age. I am not getting another dog. I will be keeping him as a pet when he retires, and I will be getting some training with my white cane, to learn some new routes around my home. I will be sad to have to retire Nitro. But he’s had a good working life, now its time for him to enjoy what remains of his life now.

#Socs: Being chris kringle!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ingle. Find a word that contains ingle and use it any way youd like in your post. Have fun!

Its time for me to play santa! Or Chris kringle! Or well, whatever word you say! I said kris kringle cuz I had to find a word with ingle in it! And well, its that festive time of the year so…
But tonight we’re handing out christmas presents to family! I love doing that!
Its not immediate family, but I will give my god mother who also happens to be my aunt, a gift. I will also give my favourite aunt a gift, cuz we always give one another gifts at birthdays, and christmas!
I wonder what I’ll get! The excitement is bubbling!
I got my favourite aunt a voucher to a spiritual store she likes. And I got my god mother pajamas!
Oh I forgot I also got one of my uncles a gift! He’s my moms brother, he has no one to celebrate christmas with, so I decided he needed a little present, to cheer him up!
I must say, I love gift giving!
I enjoy choosing what I will get for people!
Do you like gift giving? Or do you love recieving the gifts?

This post was in response to Linda G hills stream of consciousness prompt!
Happy Saturday!

And the key is…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is key. Use it any way youd like. Have fun!

the key to success
is not to make a big mess
take it slow
and pace yourself as you go
slow and steady
then count to three
if you want to have success
then hold your head high
and your sure to progress

My little motivational poem of the day!

#Socs GHT

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ght. Find a word that contains the letters ght in that order, and use it any way youd like. Bonus points if you use three or more different words containing those letters. Have fun!


Bright morning
Sun rays dance
Across the sky
Feeling so fresh
Accomplished, productive
The night has ended
The day has begun
Thank god I am alive
And able to breathe
I am so thankful
For my life

#Socs: Oh fiddlesticks!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is oh. Use it as a word or find a word that starts with oh. Bonus points if you start and end with oh. Enjoy!

Oh. My. God!
Can I say it again?
Oh. My. God!
I’m just like, will I ever get my assignment done?
Its Saturday! College work is not what I want to be spending my saturday afternoon on!
I’d rather be spending my time with friends!
Or relaxing with a good book!
Instead I am preparing a presentation! Ug sigh!
At least I have pepsi! I had to come over to my own house to prepare the presentation, and I have no milk, so couldnt even make a coffee!
Well as you can imagine I am not best pleased at that fact!
I need coffee! At least there is one good thing, when I am done and go back to mom and dads, mom will have my dinner ready for me!
We’re making cottage pie, topped with turnip! Turnip instead of mashed potato! The healthy route!
Its a slimming world recipe! I am looking forward to trying it out!
Well better get back to work now! Adios for a while!


#socs feeling grounded

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ground. Use it as a noun or a verb in any tense (i.e. grind). Have fun!

As I sit
I feel grounded
My surroundings
Feel nice
Warm, safe
I feel loved
By my mom
My dog
My friends
I am comforted
Feels so good to feel secure
A warm hot soak
In a bath
Of bubbles
A hot cup of tea
Comforting words
A warm embrace
All things that
Ground me to the present
And that my friends
Is amazing!