morning post

surprisingly, i slept well last night. i didnt think i would. so when i did, it was a huge surprise.

I woke up at 6:30. My mom was also awake and she was getting up so I got up with her.

Its just gone 7:30 now.

Its a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining. Its so nice to see it.

I fed Nitro and let him out and spent some time chatting to my mom and stuff.

No plans for today really, other than maybe going to my aunts house this evening, if the weather stays good.

There is a game of bingo being played outside, with all the neighbours, so mom and me and my aunt thought we’d go and play. mom can play for me.

we’ll maintain strict social distancing while we’re there. but it’ll be fun. nice to get out and have a bit of a laugh.

the prizes are small but you do win some money if you win.

If it stays sunny I might take Nitro for a walk later on this morning.

Other than that though i have no palans today. I’ll just relax, and chill out.

SoCS nov 4th short cut

todays socs prompt is short cut or cut short. so here goes.

when i was 13 i had my long hair cut short. i couldnt believe i was really doing it. after years of having long hair i was finally cutting it. it did not seem real. but I also knew it was time. I wanted a change. I did not want it cut too short, but I did get my hair cut up to my shoulders. And that is where it has stayed ever since.
I love my hair. I love styling it. I love putting highlights and colors in it. My hair is very important to me. Having long hair was nice but it gets hard to manage. I found mine hard to handle.
Do you like your hair?