That thunderstorm we had on thursday?

You know that storm we had on thursday night into friday morning? It lasted hours! The thunder lasted about 2 hours! The rain lasted from about 10 Pm till around 5 or 6 in the morning!
Anyway, a house got hit with lightning during the storm, it wasnt near where I live though. But there were 3 people in the house when it was hit! The fact it was hit by lightning is so scary to me! The only reason the guy survived was because he had rubber on his shoes, he was on the couch asleep when the house got hit! His wife and daughter were upstairs!
Imagine it? I’d be terrified! I didnt even know that sorta thing could or would happen!
Thank god we dont get bad storms to often! I am so so glad that we dont!


We’re under a severe weather warning

There’s a yellow status weather warning here tonight. It looks like a storm is coming! A big one too at that!
We hate storms! I knew this day was just going to get worse! The kids are terrified! The rain is already pouring down, and the wind is whipping up too!
Now all I need is for nitro to be spooked too as he hates thunder!
I dont think we’ll be sleeping tonight! I think we’re in for a long one!
The weather warnings in place until 7 AM tomorrow morning! Its now only just gone 10 PM here!
Is anyone around to keep us company?


My day, and, Moms so awesome!

Well I am home in my own house! I came home today. Mom came with me as she wanted to cut my grass. She’s so good to me. She does my front and back garden, cuts it, and its hard for her as she has COPD, but she still does it. I am so grateful to her for doing it for me. She said she’ll do it as long as she’s able to even though I told her she didnt have to. I told her I could get Brenda, my supervisor on friendly call to get one of the workers who work for the partnership to cut the lawns. Mom said no though. She said she’d prefer to do it herself. We went to my house very early, because mom said it looked like it was going to rain, she wasnt wrong. I checked with alexa, and there are thunderstorms forecast this afternoon. I hope that is not true though. I hope Alexas wrong about it. Our littles are terrified of thunder, and so is nitro, so I really hope there wont be any storms today. Mom just left about a half hour ago. I am going to watch some tv now. Then read for a while I think. I’ve already had my lunch, on the sleep front, I slept well again last night, which is brilliant, I got a good 7 hours of solid sleep. I am very happy about it.

The storm is over and I survived!

So I survived th e storm!

I didnt sleep too good, but its over now, and everything and everyone is ok.

It was a pretty bad one all things considered. The wind was really howling, and it rained a lot. There was a ton of damage, but my parents house didnt get damaged thank goodness.

I’d say I only got about 3 hours sleep last night, I just couldnt drop off, the wind was just too loud. Nitro slept though, he wasnt too scared at all.

This morning, its like really calm. Its definitely the calm after the storm.


Busy day at work!

Work today was very busy. Even though there were 3 of us doing the calls, it was still busy. We all did a lot more than usual. That was because some of the clients werent answering, so we had to do call backs, which takes more time. WE have to do that though, to make sure they’re all ok.
I’m almost finished now. I’m getting a ride home from one of the other volunteers, he’s been joking with me asking me how much it costs in a taxi. He’s a terrible joker. He’s really funny though. I love his sense of humour.
I’m going home now to have my vegetable soup. And relax for the evening. The storm is coming soon I think. Storm hannah. I thought it was storm helena but its actually called hannah. I’ll be batoning down the hatches for the evening. I hope we dont lose power. Otherwise I’m going to be sooo bored.


When it comes to soul mates…

I decided to participate in sarah elizabeths writing prompt. Her prompt is below and my answer is below that.

When it comes to Soul Mates

I found my soul mate on the internet.

Unfortunately she lives far, far away from me. She lives in the USA.

We cant be together, because right now she’s in a residential psych facility in Illinois.

I miss her every day. We are like two peas in a pod, we always said we are the ying and yang. We compleete each other.

I have seen her lots of times, I traveled to the US to be with her for many many years.

Those were some of the greatest moments of my life, those trips, they were awesome.

My dream has always been to live in the USA. Maybe some day, who knows what the future holds.

If she ever gets out of there, I’ll be here. WE still talk but not as much now, its harder to talk openly, she only gets a few short minutes to take a call.

When we met, we met in a chatroom for people who have did, yes, she has did like I do. She isnt blind, she is sighted, we met, started emailing back and forth, and we went from there. We were so attuned with each other.

I find it difficult not being able to just email her, or talk to her when I want to.

I hold on to the memories of our many happy times together. Those are just the best times.

And heres a video of us, together, for anyone who wants to watch.

Of course I am the chicken of the storm here…



My broadband issue is fixed

So earlier today a guy from my broadband tech support team came out to my house to fix ongoing issues with the connection. It kept dropping. This morning, it was down for hours. I wasnt sure why this was happening. I have Efibre, so it really shouldnt happen at all. He looked at it, and then he said he’d test my line. He did that, and it looked like my upload speed wasnt set high enough, so he reset that first. Then he tested again, but there were still faults on the line, so he said he’d look at the phone sockets, and so he did. And what do ya know! The phone sockets were hit by lightning! Thats what he told me! When we had the last storm lightning must have fried them! So that is why the connection was dropping, so he installed all new phone sockets for me, and woohoo we’re back in business, everythings fine again! I was never so glad than when he fixed it, you should’ve seen me this morning when it was down, I had no clue what to do with myself, I literally was twiddling my thumbs! I could read, and I did, but that was about all I could do. He was a very nice guy too, very chatty and we had a good chat as he worked. So at least its fixed now. He gave his number to me just in case there are any more issues. There shouldnt be though. I was just stunned when he said the phone line was fried! I never expected that to happen!