Stressing out

I am stressed out. I woke up stressed. I did manage to get a couple of hours rest. But now that I am up I am totally stressing out, mostly about my mom.
I am also stressing out because we are meant to have a storm today. We have high wind warnings, from 12 noon until 7 AM tomorrow morning. And we are going to get a lot of heavy rain as well. They are even saying that we could have power outages.
Our younger alters are very scared of storms, and I do not really want to be without power.
Going back to mom and her hospital appointment, I am scared of what her results are going to show.
My stomach is churning, and my heart is racing. And I am feeling very queasy.
I just have to distract myself, if I can, until my mom phones me, she said she’d phone once she’s finished in the hospital.