They Say Mental Illness is an Invisible Disease

A wonderful poem written by sue of my loud bipolar whispers. Check it out!

via They Say Mental Illness is an Invisible Disease

Radio programme about bpd

another blogger shared this on her blog so I thought I’d also share it on mine. A radio programme explaining bpd, well worth a listen…

Goals 6th february 2018

hi everyone

so my goals for today…

eat brekfast, lunch and dinner, and try to make them all healthy meals
go see dr. barry
take meds
start an art project in mosaics
exercise for 15 to 20 minutes
read for an hour
write my food diary
finish writing my work experience diary
have some me time and let the littles out to play after class finishes

carol anne


on this blog i like to be very candid. i like to talk openly about my mental health struggles. i have did and i have complex ptsd. it is a hard battle to fight every day. but i fight it and mostly i win. or i like to think i do anyway.
candid has always been how i operate. i am real. i am raw. i am honest. i dont sugar coat things.
if you want to hear the truth of what its like living with did, come to my blog. I will always be truthful on here.
I feel being honest and candid is the only way to educate people. Its the only way to lessen the stigma associated with having a mental illness.“>Candid</a>