Caramel mocha

I had to go out this morning, to the grocery store. I only needed a couple of items, but I went to starbucks as well, and I treated myself to a mocha. I got a caramel mocha, I only treat myself to starbucks once a week, so I always order whatever I feel like ordering, and I don’t feel bad for the amount of calories that are in the drink. I treated Frances to a hot chocolate with whipped cream, and I had a caramel mocha. It was so good. Frances said her hot chocolate was good too. We both really enjoyed our drinks. Its 10.50 for the two drinks, but I don’t mind paying it once a week, I can afford to treat myself to starbucks one time a week. The weather today is beautiful. It is so warm and sunny, so we sat outside with our drinks. At 9 AM it was a glorious day. I was in short sleeves, and loving it. Long may this nice weather continue. It feels so summery at the moment. I am loving it. It was definitely a perfect way to start off my Friday.