So I made fajitas for dinner and they turned out great. I never took photos though. I really enjoyed them. I had bought a fajita kit, which had the wraps and the seasoning and salsa in it. All I had to do was cook the chicken and peppers, I didnt add tomatos or lettuce because I dont particularly like those two things. I did add jalapeno peppers though yum yum. The fajitas were very spicy, just how I like them.
So do you like spicy food?
How spicy do you like it?
Do you like fajitas?

Partying the night away but I’m in a mini crisis!

Lol, not really in crisis but…

guys, my mouth is on fire! Honestly! I’m burning up here!

Mom cooked chicken wings that I bought at the store today. They were hot chilli wings! And OMG but they were not kidding when they said hot! They are so awesome, but OMG! Hot, hot hot! I am on fire!

Literally my tongue feels like its going to explode! Ha ha!

It didnt stop me from eating them though! All of them too! Now I’ll def be up some weight! No one liked them, they were too hot for mom and dad, so I had them all to myself!

The littles are super excited! Darina wanted to try them out right away. She loved them! I didnt think that kid could eat hot food! But she proved me wrong!

Need a gallon of water now though!

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