Fowc with Fandango: Acumen

My aunts friend is remarkably acumen in money matters.
Not only is she acumen, but she’s so mean.
We all say, she’s afraid to spend money.
But she is not afraid to ask for it!
If you go somewhere with her, like a restaurant, or a bar, or shopping, you can always be sure she’ll say “oh, I dont have money to pay”, or, “But I dont have the money to buy this or that, whatever it is she’s looking at at the time.
I dont understand her at all!
She even has a few grandkids and she’s too damn mean to buy them anything or take them out places.
Makes me glad that I am not mean when it comes to money, I am careful with it, but I am not mean. If someone didnt have enough, and needed it, I’d gladly part with it, of course I wouldnt part with it time after time, and over and over again, but its nice to be kind, and people appreciate it when you are.