so i made it through my first day at the preschool. I just got home about 20 mins ago. I’ll write about the day later tonight. I need to decompress first. Its taken a lot out of me to be there and I worked very hard with the kids. I’m exhausted now but my PA is going to be here any minute so I need to get ready for her. Just a heads up the next post is going to be passworded because I talk about the kids I worked with in detail. If you want the password email me at
if you are using the wordpress reader, passworded posts dont show up so you will either need to go to my blog website to read it or if you get email notifications it will tell you the post is passworded and to go to the site to read it.


Tour of the preschool I’ll be working at

this morning i went to look around the preschool that i’ll be doing my work experience placement at.

i met the manager, anita, who is my supervisor, I met sonia the preschool teacher I’ll be working with, and I met fiona, the mobility and orientation officer.

i sat and chatted with anita for a while about the placement. she told me about the kids. there will be five kids…all of whom have special needs. she only told me about two of the kids additional needs, because we didnt have time to go through everything. of the two she told me about, one has a visual and hearing impairment, and one has downs syndrome.

she said there are also a set of twins, and she did tell me they are very active, and so can be pretty full on. she told me that the little boy who has downs syndrome, he has a habit of pulling peoples hair, so i will need to tie back my hair to prevent this.

she said some of the kids have behavioural problems. but she said sonia is very good with the kids and has a great way with them. for the first week or two i am to observe the kids and observe sonia and how she manages their behaviours.

anita said after the first few weeks i’d be expected to organise activities to do with the kids, i said i’d like to read to them, and that isnt going to be a problem, there are tons of braille books there. so that will probably be my starting off activity once i get a little bit familiar with the kids.

i had an O and M session and fiona orientated me around the room I’d be working in. its a really well equipped room, lots of toys, books, art supplies, etc. the chairs are all child sized, it will be a bit of an issue fitting in one lol. but i tried it out and i do fit so thats good.

they said if i feel overwhelmed at any point i can take a five minute break. anita also showed me where the fire exits were and what we needed to do if there was a fire.

i’ll have to bench nitro at reception, basically tie him on and leave him there until i am done in class. i did that today, i left him there and he was whimpering and pining for me. he’ll have no choice but to stay there and get used to it, he isnt used to me leaving him on his own a lot.

so i’m pretty pleased. everything went off smoothly. and i cant wait to start on friday.

just so your aware, any future entries where I reference my work experience especially entries to do with the kids where i mention names and behaviours and stuff will be passworded.
if you’d like to read them let me know, but if i’ve already given you my password then it will be the same one so there wont be a change in password or anything.
so if you dont have it, and want to read about my experiences working with the kids, email me for it.
carol anne

I’m on a roll guys

guys i seem to be on a roll. good sleep has all of a sudden come to me! yay i’m so happy!
two nights in a row now, i’ve went to bed really early, and i’ve slept, and i havent woken up at all throughout the night.
and when i did eventually wake, at around 5:30 AM I felt so energised and ready to face the day.
it feels so good and I am so grateful!
this morning I go to visit the preschool where I will be doing my work experience. I’m looking forward to visiting. It will be nice to meet the staff, not sure I’ll meet any of the kids, but I know I will enjoy looking around the classroom.
Just so you know, when I write about my work experience, I will be passwording the entries, because there will be sensitive information in them.
those of you who have my password it will stay the same so you will be able to get in and read them.
if anyone else wants it then you can contact me.
ok must run now and feed my pup whose nudging me with his wet nose!
carol anne

Blue Monday

today is blue monday! what crap! i dont even feel blue!
but its all over the radio, they say its blue monday, because everyones back at work after christmas, and everyone is feeling blue.
well i’m here to say i’m not blue! in fact i feel very upbeat!
i’m having a good day! as you know i went to therapy, and after that i went to abode to my Independent living skills course…its nice to be back again for another week of fun!
i say fun, because i find it fun being here!
i was working on my work experience module this afternoon. i filled out my student placement form and garda vetting form for my placement at the preschool which i am starting on friday. i also arranged to go on wednesday to have a look around the classroom, meet the staff etc.
i cant wait to go! clodagh who is my supervisor at the ILS course is going with me.
we will go spend the morning at the preschool on wednesday and i will get to have some orientation and mobility around the building as well.
i also got some good news today regarding a new personal assistant. i was supposed to get a new pa after christmas, and i was beginning to think the organisation where she works would never contact me! but today they did and my new pa starts with me on friday!
i will be meeting her on thursday morning. she will come here and i will be able to discuss what i will need her to do for me at home and where we need to go on the friday evenings since she’ll be doing my grocery shopping with me, picking up my meds, etc.
also i’ll be able to discuss any issues arising!
so yeah thats some positive news I’m so delighted!

carol anne

My positive news yay!

hey guys! i’m ecstatic!
my work experience placement has been finalised! I start next week! Next friday!
yay! sooo happy!
so i’ll be working in a place called child vision. its a preschool for children with special needs, like physical disabilities like blindness, developmental disabilities, and learning and sensory disabilities.
I’ll be working with one other preschool teacher, there will be four kids in my class. twins, and two others.
I’m not sure yet of their ages, or what their disabilities are.
but I emailed the coordinator this afternoon to ask her some questions.
I’ll be working on friday afternoons, 1 to 4 PM.
Not sure what all of my duties will be. but this is so awesome!
I’ll be starting out doing a 10 week placement, but I am hopeful they’ll extend it if I like it there.
so thats my positive news for today.
carol anne

Book review-The reason I jump by Naoki Higashida

i just finished a terrific book. its a book about what its like to be autistic. this book is written by a 13 year old boy with autism. Naoki was born in Japan in 1992. He is now an established blogger and author and his book has been translated into many languages. The book follows a question and answer format. It goes inside the mind of an autistic person and gives the reader an insight into why autistic people do certain things, have certain behaviours etc. It asks questions such as “why do you line up your cars and blocks?” “why do you spin?” “Why do you flap your hands in front of your face?” “why do you have meltdowns?”. Its an amazing book and it really opened my eyes. If you know someone who is autistic I highly recommend this book. I’ve read a couple of books on autism but this one really gave me a better understanding of things. Its coming from the perspective of the person with autism. Naoki captured things so clearly, and with such feeling. It breaks the stigma surrounding autism, that autistic people dont have feelings, dont express themselves like “normal” people, when really inside they are just like the rest of us. If you work with autistic people or you know someone who has autism, I recommend you read this book. You wont be disappointed. If like me you just have an interest in disability because you are disabled yourself or because you just like reading memoirs then this book is for you also.

Book review-the girl who couldnt smile by shane dunphy

i just finished an amazing book. it is by author shane dunphy. shane is an irish child protection worker. he has written many books about his life and they contain stories about the children and families whom he has worked with. this book is about his time as an early years worker in a creche for children with special needs, it starts out with him working in an adult setting, a unit for adults with intelectual disabilities. his boss encourages him to go to work in a creche he has opened, he wants him to become the manager there. before all this, at the start of the book, he rescues a little girl from falling into a lake, her name is tammy. when he starts working in the creche, he is surprised to learn that tammy is one of the children there. when he initially starts in the creche, there is disorder and chaos, the children are violent, run a muck, and are generally uncooperative and misbehave a lot. a lot of the book focuses on tammy, but throughout the book the different childrens stories are told. in the creche there is roofus, a gypsy child who is severely neglected, milandra who is an very angry child, julie who has downs syndrome, mitzie who is obese, amongst others. shane does his best to help all of them. his friend, lonnie, who suffers from dwarfism, and who was his colleague when he worked in the adult setting, comes to work in little scamps too. lonnie has a real way with the kids, and builds up trust with them and a great rapport. shane is jealous of how good lonnie is with the kids, and he starts to resent him. he talks to his boss about this and his boss tells him to stick with it, and he does and he works through his feelings. shane and the other staff do many activities with the kids throughout the year. tammy remains a mystery though, she does not talk, but it is clear she is smart. her parents drink a lot and do drugs. shane talks to the public health nurse who had contact with tammy as a baby, a social worker who helped the family, and the last creche teacher where tammy was before she got moved to little scamps. tammy is 3 but can read at a level of a much older child. eventually they have her tested and it is found that she is gifted. when shane tells her parents dale her dad doesnt believe him. that night tammy runs off and dale and shane go after her. she runs into waste land near where they live and runs and runs and finally ends up getting stuck in mud and she screams help help and her dad and shane are so surprised that she finally talked, when they rescue her she says that she doesnt want to leave little scamps, and begs her dad and shane not to make her leave. other things happen in the book with some of the other children but i wont spoil it by telling what actually happens. i think this book is fabulous and I’d highly recommend it to everyone. i’m not sure what year it was written in but i think it was fairly recently. its a really good book though for social workers, early years workers, or anyone who likes reading about special needs children, disability, memoirs and true life stories.