Respite Assessment

I got a phone call this morning from a place I applied for respite at. They want to assess me to see if I am suitable for their service.
so that will be happening next tuesday. At lunchtime.
I applied for this particular respite service two years ago!
they are a service that gives respite to disabled people! The place is near a beach and is a big house! Each person who goes there gets their own room, and during the week “you go for a week at a time” you get to go out with staff members and do shopping, go to the beach or other places etc.
Some people have high dependency needs, like they need help showering, with medical stuff, etc. Then others, like me have lower needs, do not need so much help etc.
I hope I’m suitable for their service.
The manager and a nurse will be coming to my home next week to chat to me. He seemed nice enough on the phone anyway.
I’m hopeful. You get four weeks of respite in a year if it all works out.


finishing up one of my modules on the independent living skills course

so I just got some good news! I thought I was way behind on my work experience module, and I found out I am not!
Yay! I am so glad!
I have the majority of the module finished. I just have to write my thank you letter to my employer, and my reflections on my work experience process. I cant do those though until I’ve finished my work experience. I also have to finish the diary I am keeping about my work experience.
I have 7 weeks of my work experience completed now. Cant believe I’ve been there 7 weeks already!
I am meant to do 10 weeks in total.
I will probably do longer if Anita is happy to keep me on. But after 10 weeks I can do the rest of the stuff that i need to do to finish up the module.
There is also a team work exercise that needs to be completed but I cant complete that unless one of my class mates is in to help me because we’re meant to work in teams to do it.
So yeah progress is being made and I am happy!

Get to know us. our early life

a little about my early life…
i was born 13 weeks premature, my mom was only 17 she she had me.
i was in an incubator for 3 months, and had very limited contact with my parents, i weighed 2 pound 8 ounces at birth.
we lived with my dads parents and siblings for the first 2.5 years of my life. they are all alcoholics, and a lot of abuse took place when we were living there.
there was fighting, violence, emotional abuse. it was not a good atmosphere to live in.
our mom always says she was terrified living there, she had no alcoholism in her family, so wasnt used to that kinda atmosphere.
at age 2 we got our own place, and we moved with our parents to our own house. life got a little easier then. for a while at least.

PA update

so i’ve been working with our new pa for the past month now. its going really well.
she’s lovely. we get along really well.
i like her. she’s so easy to talk to. I love how friendly she is. and she’s warm and caring and genuine also.
Tonight she asked me if I am happy with her. If I had any issues. i dont.
I told her as much. I told her if I did I’d tell her. I believe in working issues out directly, not going behind her back to the boss in the office.
I think she was relieved when I said that.
It can be so hard to find a good PA so I am glad I have found one.
carol anne

there is a new passworded post

this is just a heads up that there is a new passworded post about my work experience.
i give these heads up for those who might use the wp reader as passworded posts dont show in the reader. so if you want to check it out you’ll have to visit the blog site.
the password is the same as always…for those wanting to check out my passworded posts email me at
for the pw.
carol anne

gess wat

i so hapy we got a presint at tha call centre we visited we got a fidget spinner i love it it spin round and round in my hand i make it go fast fast fast we also got pop corn and candy and grape juice to drink i likd that it so fun i had so mush fun i going share the fidget spinner wif tha other kids but ive alwas wantd one of them and now i have one i so hapy
adelle i four

Eased into monday

i’m starting to love monday. i get eased into class. after a hard therapy session most mondays thats awesome.
this afternoon we watched this documentary about your data and who has rights to your data when you post stuff online. it was fascinating. very very interesting. i never had really thought much about it until this afternoon. in the documenary this girl hired a security analyst to see what he could find out about her from things she’d posted online to her social media. he was able to find out lots of stuff, like, where she lived, where she worked, went to college, how much she payed for her house, etc. it was quite scary.
class ended at 3 and then i just chilled out for the rest of the afternoon.
tomorrow we are going to visit a call centre. it should be an interesting visit to see how a call centre operates as I’ve never been in one.
we arent cooking tomorrow. but on friday we are making spaghetti bolones and i am making apple crumble again because i want to practice it.
on thursday we are having a coffee morning for past pupils of the ILS course. we have those once a month. there is also an awards ceremony for some of the people on the course, as they are graduating it will be finishing up in 3 weeks time.
i still have to complete my work experience diary for last week. its one of only two things left on my goals list to achieve today. the other is reading, and I will do that in bed tonight.