Dr. Barry gives Hugs and kisses for christmas

We just got done seeing Dr. Barry. It was an incredible appointment. We got a lot out of it.

We talked about anxiety, sleep problems, dissociation, our symptoms, we discussed all of it. Dr. Barry encouraged us to take our fenergan if we arent sleeping, and I’d forgotten about that one. We do have some tablets though so if the sleep continues to be an issue I can take those.

We talked about forgetting to take meds, and the dissociation which prevents us from remembering sometimes. Dr. Barry asked us how often it happened, I said not a lot but occasionally. So she said she’d keep an eye on it.

We talked about the questionaire me and Eileen filled out recently, about our symptoms, and managing them. I told Dr. Barry about Emily, about how she’s been struggling lately, and is very triggered, and how she’s been wanting to throw up.

We talked about work, and college, and I told her I’d gotten my results of my presentation, which I got last night, I got a B on it. So I was happy with that.

As we finished chatting, I asked her about her kids, and about whether she’d gotten their toys for christmas yet. She said she got them yesterday, and we talked about how nice it is to have all the christmas shopping done.

She said to me, lets go book you in and I’ll walk you out to the front to wait for your taxi. I am booked in now for the sixth of january, she has two weeks off over christmas, and then in January she’s taking the first two wednesdays off, so I’m seeing her on Monday the sixth. She’s also going to have Sarah, the community psychiatric nurse call us over christmas to check in with us.

So anyway, we walked to the front of the building, and she showed me where to sit. JUst as I went to sit down, Dr. Barry grabbed me into a huge bear hug.
“Have a great christmas, Carol anne” She said and she kissed me on the cheek.
I instantly reached out and hugged her hard.
You too, Dr. Barry I said smiling.

It felt so special. We felt so loved. We felt very special to her. The fact that she’d do that for us. It was incredible.

A great end to a great year for both of us. Her doing that for us, hugging and kissing us, has brought a deeper connection to our already very strong relationship with her.