My spatial awareness

I’ve always had good spatial awareness.

Being blind, I had to learn about spatial awareness, when I was very young.

I did this through using a cane, to get around.

I can be standing in a big open space now, and I am able to navigate it successfully, all thanks to my mobility teacher, who really taught me a lot about navigating as a blind person.

For my sighted blog friends, Imagine closing your eyes, and being in a big open plan office, or room. Do you think you’d be able to successfully navigate your way around it? Do you think you’d bump into stuff?

Bumping into things is something that I rarely do now.

I am thankful for that because it saves me getting injured.

Not all blind people have good spatial awareness, people who go blind later in life struggle with it.

I’ve been blind since birth, and so I did not grow up with any vision and so I had to rely on my hearing, sense of smell, and sense of touch to get around.

Its also good to have good spatial awareness when walking on the streets, because you can hear the oncoming traffic, navigate footpaths, etc. Better.

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