Spammers are so annoying!

I am wondering, why spammers, bother to try to spam? Don’t they know most of their comments go into spam, and are never seen by us?
Why bother to spam at all? I hate having to go in and see what is in there, just in case I miss anyones comment, or it went into spam by accident!
I check the spam folder regularly now, just in case!
Good thing I did check it this morning, as there were 3 comments which weren’t spam, in amongst the 50 or so which were!
Its just so annoying! I think all bloggers should check theirs regularly! I’ve had issues before with comments that were legit going into spam and I don’t want that to be happening!
Do others have issues with that too, it cant just be me can it?

Spam issues not fixed!

I am still having issues with my comments to other blogs going into spam!
Please check your spam folders!
I have emailed a few of you but I don’t have email addresses for everyone! I don’t know why wp is acting up but it is! Its so weird!
I hope its resolved soon but, until it is, check your spam daily! Peoples comments could be ending up in there!

Spam, damn!

god I am so irritated. I just deleted 44 spam comments, only 2 of them weren’t spam.
God these people who spam, or robots, or whateverthefuck they are, they’re annoying!
So many comments about Viagra, CBD oil, and a lot that just made no sense at all!
I try to check my spam cue once a week, to ensure I get rid of unwanted comments! But sometimes I will forget!
Does anyone else get a lot of spam comments to their blogs?
I guess I am rather amused as well as irritated! Because its clear the comments will go to spam, so why do they even bother trying to comment in the first place? Makes no sense!

Spam and spammers on the blog!

its so damn crazy! there are random comments and likes showing up on my blog, its spammers though, they’re not legit.
I wish they’d just fuck off!
Anyone else seeing these random comments with a bunch of numbers at the start of them, either liking comments you’ve made on other blogs, or randomly liking comments that people have made on your blog?
Wp should come up with a better way of filtering out the spam!


Bloody spammers

so I just had a shit ton of spam comments to deal with. Very annoying!
I must have deleted about 20 comments. All saying just one word, what. FFS!
Who gets their kicks out of doing this? Or is it really just a robot or something and not an actual human doing it?
Its so irritating though!
Anyone else had this happen lately?
carol anne


Is anyone else having to deal with a ton of spam comments that seem to be linked to outlook email accounts? I’ve gotten about 30 since friday! I keep sending the comments to spam, and permanently deleting them, but its a ton of extra work!
Anyone else noticed this happening on your blogs?
Anyone know of a solution? Or where to change certain settings to stop it or moderate every comment or I read somewhere there is a setting for having people fill out their names and stuff before they are able to post a comment?
I need this to stop!
Its so frustrating and annoying!