Music therapy

so yesterday i attended a music therapy group at the basement club. it was a totally new venture for the basement club. they’ve never done any expressive arts therapies before. it was facilitated by two music therapists. and i really enjoyed it. there were about 8 of us altogether. we started out talking about music we liked. and one of the music therapists was demonstrating on a guitar. he was demonstrating the how there is the rhythm, then the cords and then the lyrics. it was interesting. then the other guy took out some chime bars. and we started playing with those. they are these really cool little bars that you play with a stick. they’re kind of like a xylaphone. so each of us took a bar and a stick and we were counting and doing rhythmic things with the chime bars. and one of the guys was playing the guitar. it was totally awesome. then they asked us if we’d like to try to write a song. so we did. and we wrote two verses and a chorus. we called it oceans lullabye. i couldnt believe how easy it was to write a song. they just asked us for words. they played a tune and asked us to think of words it reminded us of. and that is how we put the song together. then we were singing it, all together at first. but then we decided to break it up and have one person sing the verses and the whole group sing the chorus. and well what do ya know, they chose me to sing the verses. i was so thrilled. and the music therapists said it was cool and i could really sing and what a beautiful voice i had. so yeah was thrilled. another girl in the group was playing the guitar with the music therapists, she’s really good at playing. so it was awesome and we had a lot of fun. the group is running for four weeks. but i’m going to bring it up at a members meeting to see if we can get the group to continue or else get a second group going after xmas. they asked us if we’d like to record the song we wrote next week. and if we’d like to make a cd. of course we all said yes that we’d love to do that. the music therapists have a whole lot of instraments and a laptop for recording. they told us if any of us have any instraments we can bring them in next week. we also decided that we are going to do covers of some songs for the cd. so it will be some we’ve written ourselves and some covers. and we are going to perform for the staff at xmas. it was a great experience. and my first time really participating in music therapy and i loved it. i recorded the session too so can look back on it.