Please can you like my new blog facebook page?

Hi guys
so I made a page for my blog, a facebook page.
I was wondering if you could like it?
I will be posting photos, updates, etc on it.
I’d appreciate it if you could like it and put the word out about it for me?
possibly reblog this?
Or copy my page addy to your twitter, blog etc? to get the word out for me?
the page is below, would really appreciate it guys!

Add me to facebook!

my new fb info is below, it is

I hope some of you will add me! I’d love to connect on there too.

I had an old account but this one I made just tonight, this is the one I am going to use from now on.

Do add me if you would like!
carol anne

Reblog…you sabotage your own life by living someone else’s

Anita over at discovering your happiness wrote this fab article and I thought she had some great advice so I am reblogging it.


You sabbotage your own life by living someone else’s