Our government now has a plan

Or do they? Today, our government made a longterm plan for living alongside covid. Its a six month plan.
Basically, there are now 5 levels of restriction here in ireland. With 1 being the least restrictive, and 5 being the most restrictive.
All of ireland is currently on level 2. But Dublin may be going to level 3 if the case numbers keep rising there. Today we had 3 more deaths and over 300 new cases. Small numbers compared to some countries I know, but remember, Ireland only has a population of 4.5 million, so the numbers are pretty alarming for us, and each day in the last week or two we’ve had over 200 positive cases.
But heres the thing, the pubs that dont serve food are being allowed to reopen, as of next week, next Monday. Pubs that serve food have been open here now for a few weeks already.
I just hope we dont go back to where we were in april and may, I couldnt cope with another lockdown. I’d go insane. In Cork where I live, we arent doing too bad, the cases are low, which is a positive thing.
Also we can only have gatherings of six people from 3 households together indoors, and outdoors you can have more, with social distancing in place.
Funerals can have up to fifty people at them. Weddings can have up to 100 but its an exception to the rules, and is allowed under the new plan.
This plan goes until next April. Its a very different world we’re living in now, isnt it? Our new normal.