Thank you, Bee!

Bee Halton of the wonderful blog the bee writes, and my wonderful collaborator on my blog, has made my day today!
She sent me a beautiful note in the mail, with a hand drawn flower on it! Thank you my sweet friend! I was so touched to recieve the note!
I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside, when I opened it and saw it was from you!
Thanks for being such an incredible friend!
I love you!
Look for a nice card from me in the post over the next few days!
One is on its way to you!

Again thank you, its fun to get surprises in the mail!


Anyone want to exchange cards?

I was wondering, if anyone wanted to exchange some cards?
Via snail mail?
I’d love to do that! It’d be so much fun!
So if you would like to do it, can you go to my contact me page on my blogs homepage, and email me?
It’d be so much fun to get cards in the mail, and take pics of them and show them off!
Plus its like getting to know other bloggers even better than just by being online! As you know them via snail mail too then so its like having a penpal or two or three or 20!
So what do you think, do you wanna do it?
Let me know send me an email ok?
I’m waiting! I will also give you my address so we can exchange cards!
carol anne