Saturday swap it #29

I am starting off this week well. I ate the last of my cookies last night.

Now I can really get serious about my health and dieting and losing weight.

I’ve yet to exercise today. I was supposed to do it this morning, but I got up later than I thought I would so I didn’t do my exercise then.

However, I shall do it this evening after I’ve had dinner.

I’ve been very mindful of what I am eating.

Its veggie soup for dinner today, and I will have leftovers for tomorrow.

I still have a portion of chicken curry from last week to eat also so I shall eat that too this week.

Wednesday I will make steak and a baked potato and some microwave veg.

I’m determined to exercise every day this week!

And I am determined not to eat sweet things.

So we shall see at the end of my week how I did!

I will weigh in on Friday morning, as the diabetic nurse is going to weigh me.

Wish me luck!

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