Weigh in can wait

I have decided not to go and get weighed tomorrow. I am going to wait until next week to go. I am switching my group from the evening time to the morning, so my PA Frances can come with me. I hope that getting weighed in the morning will give me a more accurate picture of my overall weight. I was up 2 pounds after Christmas, and I don’t thihnk I’ve lost that yet. I’m pretty sure I haven’t. And I don’t want to be disappointed. So I just refuse to go tomorrow and be disappointed when I haven’t lost anything. I hope I’m making the right decision. I think I am though. Its so hard losing weight. Its such a roller coaster. I’m slowly getting there, very slowly though.

Christmas Weigh in

I’m off to slimming world to be weighed in this morning. Its a christmas weigh in where we just get weighed, there is no group, its just a weigh and pay. but to be honest? I’d say I’ve gained a pound or two. Will be surprised if I am down, and wont be at all surprised if I am up a little bit.

I’ll still go though. I’d have to pay if I missed it so I will go. I want to keep some semblance of normality over the christmas period. If I gain, I only want to gain a small amount, not 7 pounds like I gained last christmas, it took me months to lose that 7 pounds, I dont want the same thing to happen to me this year.

So we’ll see how I do this morning. I’m ready, whatever happens, happens.

Another week, another weigh in!

Its that time again!

Time to go be weighed! I am nervous, but thats not unusual! I am always nervous on weigh in day!

I am really hoping I will be down tonight! I was good this past week, I feel I will be down, but you can never tell how its going to go!

Fingers crossed guys! Wish me luck!

I did it!

I did it again guys! Woop woop!

I was down 2 pounds last night when I got weighed! I was so elated! Ecstatic!

That is four pounds I’ve lost in two weeks! Woot woot!

I now weigh 14 stone 7.5 pounds, or 203.5 pounds for my US readers!

Its just fabulous news! I am thrilled to bits!

Now to just keep the momentum going until christmas and on into the new year!

I have 8 weigh ins until christmas! I really want to keep losing! If I lost 1 pound or 2 pounds each week I’d have lost a significant amount of weight by then!

Thats my goal! I got this! I can do it!

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Weigh in time

Well it’s that time of the week again, time to be weighed. I hope I’m down tonight. Even a pound would do. I know you can’t be down a lot every week but I’d love to be down something at least. Hoping for the best, wish me luck guys, I need it I think although I have a good feeling about tonight, so I’m hoping for the best.

Woop Woop here I go


Disappointing result at weighin!

Well, I had a bad result tonight at weigh in!
I was up a pound! Not good!
I’m disappointed, but I know what to do, and I will just stick with it, I’m sure I can get back to losing again.
For the coming week, I’m going to eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, and make sure I do a lot of exercise and drink a ton of water. That has always helped me in the past. So I am hopeful it will help again.
I’ve been gaining and losing the same 3 pound for weeks!
I gotta do something to make myself start losing properly each week and keep it up!
Anyway, its onwards and upwards from here! I can do this! I got this!