Weigh in time!

Its time for my weekly weigh in! I am nervous! I hope I’ve done enough and I hope I’ve lost something! Any amout will do! I just want to start losing again! I’ve been trying so hard! So we shall see! Wish me luck guys!

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Its Weigh in tine!

So am off to go get weighed in! I am nervous!

I dont know if I did well or not this week, but even if I didnt, I know I’ve made some healthier choices, with doing more exercise, and with things like drinking more water, eating healthier foods etc.

Of course, minus the subway I had for lunch today! I hope that wont effect my weigh in too much!

I shall post my results later on once I am home. Wish me luck guys!

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Food log for Saturday!

I had a hard day so wasnt eating a whole lot, but here is what I did eat today.

Breakfast was two boiled eggs, and two slices of toast.

I had no lunch, or mid morning snack.

Dinner was chicken fried rice.

Evening snack was an apple, some rice cakes, and an alpan light bar.

Drinks today was a couple mugs of tea, a mug of coffee, and a little water.

Not the best day but I will chalk it up to being sick with stomach issues.

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Food log april 30th

Todays food log isnt looking that great. That is because I havent eaten much today. I felt kinda unwell today, my head felt all fuzzy, like I am getting a head cold or something. So I wasnt really in the mood for much food.

Breakfast: A yogurt, a banana, a mug of tea.

Mid morning: An apple, some grapes, some blueberries.

Lunch: A fibre 1 bar, an apple.

Dinner: A quarn burger, some sweet potato fries, some broccoli rice.

Drinks today included 2 litres of water, some coffee, and some tea.

Tomorrows my weigh in day, and I feel I will be down this week. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some weight. Even if I only lost half a pound, I’ll be happy with that.

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Rocking it with my weight loss!

I had a fantastic result tonight at weigh in!

I was down 1.5 pounds! I couldnt believe it! I got such a shock when I stepped on the scales!

I was full sure I was going to be up tonight. To be down well that is just amazing! I am so, so thrilled about it.

I am now down a total of 2 stone 3.5 pounds, and for my US readers its 31.5 pounds. Thats just so amazing to me!

I am definitely making a lot of healthier choices, drinking lots of water each week and doing a ton of exercise and its paying off! I feel fab! I feel terrific actually!

For 3 weeks in a row now I’ve had losses. Thats really good for me, because since christmas I have struggled to lose what I gained over the christmas period. Now I think I’m back on the right track, yay!

The fact that I was away last weekend, and I was still down tonight, is totally awesome! I didnt go crazy when I was away, but I wasnt being totally mindful either of what I ate. So I am so happy to be down!

Heres to another great week ahead! Long may it last!

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Food log 18th April

Yesterday I had another good day. I ate well, made good food choices. I will list what I ate below. I hope these food logs are not boring to anyone. They are really helping me stay accountible. So I will keep them up for now.

Breakfast yesterday was a bowl of wheetabix, and some fruit.

Mid morning snack was a slimming world bar, some fruit.

Lunch was a ham sandwich and a mug of tea.

Dinner was chicken curry and rice.

Evening snack was some fruit cut up.

Drinks throughout the day were couple mugs of tea, coffee and 2 litres of water.

Was happy with how the day panned out.

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Food log april 17th

Hi guys
Well my food log for April 17th was not that great. I mean I did it, I logged what I ate. But to be honest, that wasnt that much.
I never really eat much on my weigh in day. But I did try to eat some small things.
Breakfast consisted of some fruit.
Mid morning, I ate some more fruit.
Lunch was some toast with some spreadable cheese on it.
When I came back from my dr. barry apt I ate a bowl of wheetabix.
I was going to cook dinner last night when I got home from slimming world, but then tiredness overtook me, and I didnt feel up to cooking.
So I just ate some hard boiled eggs and some toast.
Drinks yesterday consisted of a couple mugs of tea, coffee, and 3 500 ml bottles of water.
So that was my day in a nutshell. Not the best one, but oh well. It is what it is.

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