Ug sigh!

Is anyone around? I cant sleep. I’ve had too much coffee! I am wired! I doubt I’m going to sleep much at all tonight.

I am hoping for at least a few hours, since I have a busy day ahead tomorrow!

I guess time will tell whether that will be happening! If not I shall read my book!

Sleepless night sorta

I had a restless night. I just couldn’t settle down. I stayed up until 1 AM. Then I was going to read, but I realised I couldn’t plug in my earphones into the case on my phone as its a juice pack and you cant plug earphones into it. So reading went out the window!

I tossed and turned for about an hour. Watched youtube videos on my phone. Listened to my dad, he was in a lot of pain with his bones, so was moaning in pain a lot. I asked him about it this morning and he said he doesn’t remember it. I honestly don’t know how my mom sleeps with him!

Eventually I fell into a deep sleep. I didn’t wake until around 9 AM! I feel better this morning, well beter than I felt last night!

I’ve no plans today. Its going to be a relaxing day. Its damp and rainy outside so I’m not going anywhere. I am just planning on doing a few things on the computer.

I think I’ll start a new book, too!

Wound up!

I’m not sleeping! 2 AM and I am wide awake!
No sign of sleep coming!
Even with my meds on board, I’m wide awake!
This isnt good guys!
I feel so crazy! My mind is racing!
I really wanna sleep but I just cant!
Ug sigh! I am so tired!
I hope I can sleep at least a little, maybe get 2 or 3 hours.
Pray guys! Please pray that I’ll sleep soon!

A sleepless night

I’m really tired. I never slept last night. I couldnt settle down. I stayed up all night. I know I shouldnt do that but I couldnt help it. I just couldnt go to sleep. I drank coffee, probably shouldnt do that either. Drank way too much of it. But then on the radio they said it helps you live longer, drinking coffee. Dont know how true that is though.

Anyway, my plan today is to go into work, for a few hours. I dont know yet what time I’m going in at, I need to text my supervisor this morning and arrange a pick up time.

I am going to go eat breakfast now and then go on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I dont feel like it this morning, but I want to keep that up even if I am tired. It will do me good I think to keep exercising.

I am also going to get a shower. Once I am feeling fresh and clean I will be less tired I think. Thats my hope at least.

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday!



well its been a really lazy day. i basically chilled out in my pj’s. watched some tv. read, and thats about it.

it felt good to be able to relax and take it easy at home. im always so busy during the week. i love my weekends because it is my down time.

so after drinking a few cups of tea and a few cups of coffee, and my nice shower this morning, im feeling really good. dinner soon and then a nap hopefully.
carol anne


Sleepy day yesterday

I slept the whole of yesterday away. Man I never felt so sleepy!
I had big plans, I was going to tackle housework, catch up on blogs, watch this and that on tv, be productive.
Unfortunately though, I wasnt. Well nothing I can do now about it.
I suppose I needed the sleep. I must have done.
I literally only got up to let nitro out, feed him, and eat.
I feel kinda rubbish about myself now. Why did i do it? I shouldnt have wasted my day in that way.
Anyone else ever done something similar? Slept for a long time on one day and felt so bad the next day?


A very tired Carol anne…

thats me this morning. no sleep last night. not a wink.
have been up since 6 AM. was in the kitchen drinking tea and on my phone, was the only one up in the house until mom and dad got up around 7:30.
now everyones up, and i’ve eaten breakfast, and showered. i feel better after a hot shower, i must say.
on my way to therapy in 30 minutes. wish me luck!
carol anne