Dr barry apt

Saw dr barry yesterday. I was looking forward to the appointment all day. She came to get me and we went in and sat down. I told her a little of how my week had been. I told her I had to reach out to Eileen twice this week, outside of our regular sessions. I was telling her that Liz had texted eileen at 8:30 in the morning and I didnt think she should have texted her so early, so I had made her apologise to Eileen for it. She knows Liz rarely apologises for anything, so she thought that it was good that she had done it when I’d asked. I said she hadnt without us first arguing. We talked about our sleep and I told her that the meds she gave me last week didnt help much, that I still couldnt really sleep. I said I didnt really feel comfortable taking the sleep meds, and she said I didnt have to take them if I didnt want to, that she wasnt going to push them on me. Basically she said it was up to me and if I felt like I needed one to take it but if I felt like I didnt then that was ok. We talked about stress and college and the upcoming exam and the stress of the last few weeks of college. Then she said we needed to talk about the christmas break. I asked her how much time she was taking off. She said they are taking two weeks off and there wouldnt be any clinic during that time, but that she’d be working in the hospital over christmas, so she said she’d like to see me on December 30th, but that I shouldnt mention it to any of her other patients, because she is only seeing us and not seeing anyone else. I have to get my injection on the 30th so that will be good, because I can get it and see her at the same time. I’m so grateful to her for seeing me over christmas, because I think eileen is taking 2 weeks off. Eileen will probably do a phone check in too though while she’s off. But it was so nice of dr barry to see me and make that time because she knows how much we struggle at this time of year and she also knows how much we rely on her and Eileen for support.