I’m having some trouble with sleeping too much. I’m not sure why. It could be my meds. It could be just that I need the rest. I felt triggered yesterday. Sometimes when I am triggered all I can do is sleep it off. Sleep until I feel in a better place. Either way its annoying. I did get up today and spend four hours with my PA. Did my grocery shopping and got dog food, ate breakfast and lunch. But once she left at 1 I went to bed and I slept. Only waking once to feed Nitro. I only finally got up after 6 PM and ate something. I know I should try to stay up and go to bed at normal hours. But my body tells me I need sleep so I go to sleep instead. Wondering if thats bad? Does anyone else sleep a lot when feeling triggered or in a vulnerable space? I cant win. For me its either sleep too much or not at all. There is no balance.