Thank crunchy its Friday!

I am so glad its Friday! I love that its the weekend!
I went to my parents house for the weekend. Its the first time I’ve been here in two weeks, other than last weekend on Sunday when I went there for dinner.
The weather here hasnt been great. Its very cold and really beginning to feel wintery! Its also really foggy out!
I dont know what is up with me today, but I feel exhausted, no matter what I do I am still tired. I woke up at just gone 6 AM this morning, stayed up for an hour. Then I went back to bed and I stayed in bed until literally 2 minutes before my PA Frances came at 9 AM!
While Frances was doing housework, I went back in and lay on my bed, that was around 10 AM! Then I thought to myself I better make an effort and be sociable, so I got up and made coffee and tried to conversate with Frances.
After eating dinner this afternoon I went to bed again for another 2 hours. I only woke because my friend Rose rang me. We had a good chat which lasted for an hour.
I dont have a lot of plans this weekend. The plan is to just chill out. Stay indoors and read a lot.