#Writephoto prompt

For Sue Vincents writephoto prompt…

Rolling hills
In the distance
I sit
Beneath the trees
A cloud filled sky
Before me
As morning comes
The light penetrates
As I sit
Pen poised
Wondering what to write
Like a lightning bolt
Thoughts begin to flow
I look up
At those rolling hills
And that glorious sky
Now glistening
With amazing sunlight

Thursday photo prompt: Reaching #writephoto

#writephoto, a frosty dawn!

a frosty dawn
as the frost melts away
I walk outside
Look around
Not a sound to be heard
Everywhere is quiet
cracking ice
leading to a beautiful light filled sky


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In other words, sunset


Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
Use the picture and/or the word sunset as inspiration
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Beautiful sunset

Oh how I love to watch

The fading sun

As it goes behind the clouds

For another day


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A sky full of clouds

Fluffy white
Soft, beautiful
A sky full
Oh how I love
Laying on the grass
With the clouds up above
White and fluffy
And while I lay there
I think
About my life
Days gone by
And I wonder
Where I’m going
Then suddenly
The sun peaks through those clouds
Brightening everything
And I slowly get up
Wishing the fluffy white
Would have stayed a while longer

Friday Fun – clouds


an overcast cloudy sky
a cool breeze
coming through my window
rain threatens to fall
no sun at this time of the night
just clouds, and dreary skies
and an even drearier mind
As my thoughts race
And I face
Another night
Where sleep evades me