Youthful word of the day!

I’ve been enjoying a facial. A home made remedy!
I feel so youthful now! It did me the power of good to do this!
Plus it makes my skin feel lovely!
Its just some clenzer, toner and moisturizer that I am using, but its so nice to take a little time out to actually just sit down and do a bit of self care!
I thoroughly enjoyed it!
I will stay looking younger for longer hahahaha!
Plus after a long day its nice to just do something nice just for me!


The shower heals me

I love the shower. It is so healing to me. I just had a nice long hot shower, and now I feel so fresh, clean, and I am feeling more able to cope with things.
Do you like the shower? I love letting the warm water flow over me. It just feels so good, so, so healing. I love thinking about all of my worries being washed away. Eileen told me to have my shower before bed, so that is what I did tonight. I am planning on laying down in a little while and trying to rest, maybe read, but resting even if I am not sleeping.
I took my night meds, I didnt forget about them. I put a reminder in my phone. it seemed to work thankfully. Now I’ve taken them and dont have to worry about it again until tomorrow morning.
Its 10 Pm now. I have done all of my self care things. After my shower I clensed and moisturized my face, I need to take better care of my skin, so I am trying to do that twice a day now. I have been saying I will for a while now, but I never got around to it. So now is my time. My face feels so soft now. It feels good: 😀
Well I am going to get off of here and go read. See if I can get through another few chapters of my book. I might be back later on. Or I might not. Who knows.

Blog shout out! dont eat it, soap and skin care

Ruth has a wonderful blog over at

She runs a farm and writes wonderful posts about her life on the farm and she also writes about skin care, soap making and lots more!

Go check her out!

She’s a beautiful lady!

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DIY summer skin serum

DIY Summer Skin Serum


2 ounces red raspberry seed oil

½ ounce rosehip seed oil

10 drops frankincense (boswellia carterii) essential oil


1. Carefully measure oils into a 3-ounce amber bottle with dropper (like this).

2. Cap well and swirl gently to combine ingredients.

3. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for up to 6 months.

To Use

1. Apply 1-3 drops to a clean, dry face.

2. Smooth oil onto face with fingertips, using an upwards motion. Take care to avoid the eyes.

3. Reapply as needed (I use mine mornings and evenings).


saturday self care

well I enjoyed some self care activities today. so I thought I’d write about them.

first off, I did my skin care routine this morning. Cleansed, toned and moisturized my skin. It felt so good.

Next, I ate 3 healthy meals. I ate a lot of fruit today. Ate spaghetti bolognes for dinner. I did make bacon and toast for breakfast but I cut off the fat of the bacon.

I also drank a ton of water. I am doing much better with that.

🙂 win to me!

I napped in the afternoon and I read my book too. It was relaxing. I enjoyed the down time. 😛

What self care things have you done today?

Being kind to myself

tonight i decided to pamper myself.

i bought some skin care products and I decided to have a little self care time for just me.

so i cleansed, toned and moisturised my face. it felt so good to just do that one little thing for me.

One act of kindness towards myself.

I also treated myself to some new shampoo for my hair. Its mango and papaya. It smells so good i want to eat it lol.

I made a healthy dinner, and I’m going to make a fruit salad in a little while.

Now its time to watch a little tv and have some snuggle time with nitro.

What kind thing did you do for yourself today?