Love myself, day 6

I’m having a little bit of trouble today finding something that I like about myself.
However after much thinking and effort on my part, I did find something that I thought was worthy of posting here.
So I wont keep you in suspense any longer, lol.
Today, the thing I am going to say I love about myself is my ability to sing.
I am so happy I can sing. I love it. It truly makes me very happy. It also brings me much joy.

This kid is awesome! 9 year old cora harkin sings dont rain on my parade

This little girl, from Ireland, is amazing. She was on Irelands got talent last night. This is a different video of her not the Irelands got talent one, but she sang the same song in this video as she sang last night. 9 years old I think she’s gonna be the next superstar!

i am lernin a new song

hihi peple
it me darina
an ges wat
i am learnin a new song
it perfect by ed sheeran
i going learn it
then do a video
yu al be sited now?
i am
i lik tu sing
i lik tu mak videos to
it fun
i jus gona lern firs vers of it
so wach ote for a new video
darina i six

Carol anne sings lay me down sam smith cover

hi guys
I know some of you have heard me sing this song before. but for my new followers and readers, I thought I’d do it again. so here it is my version of lay me down by sam smith.
I hope you can see me.
carol anne