Still feeling awful

The pain I am in is still really bad. I slept for a few hours which helped. Taking the painkillers helped a lot. I woke up so thirsty though. I drank two cans of pepsi max and now I’m on the water lol. I’m so thirsty, not sure why though. I woke up just after 11 PM. will probably be up all night now but well it wont matter as tomorrow dont have anything I need to do so can rest a lot if needs be. Will start my antibiotic tomorrow, all going well. My abdomen realy hurts. If I press on it it hurts a lot. I am not a good patient either. I dont do pain. Being sick also really triggers us. I am glad that I got an antibiotic though. I’m hoping taking that will get rid of this awful infection.
carol anne

I have a bad UTI, prayers are needed

I have a very bad UTI. I’ve been in bed all afternoon. When I spoke to dr barry this morning, she encouraged me to call my gp’s surgery, so I did. He rang me back later on this afternoon. He has called in an antibiotic for me, but I cant get it until tomorrow. The pharmacy had finished delivering meds by the time he handed it in. I’m in a lot of pain and feeling very unwell. dr barry told me to drink a lot of water, to flush it out so I’ve been doing that. I slept for a few hours this evening, but now I am up again as the pain is so bad.
If you can send me good thoughts, vibes or prayers I’d appreciate it very much.
I’m gonna post this and take two painkillers and go back to bed again.
Its all I can do. I’m in too much pain to do much of anything else.

I’m feeling miserable

So I am feeling so miserable right now. I have an awful headache. I suppose drinking coffee isnt helping it. Its more like tention in my head than an actual headache, but it hurts a lot.
Did I mention I hate headaches of any kind? Well I do.
Its at the front of my head, kinda at the sides too. Its a dull achy kinda pain, absolutely horrible.
I hope it isnt gonna last all night. I’m not up for that. And I dont wanna feel so sick, or vomit with it, so I am hoping I won’t.
Send positive vibes to me, I need them…

Updating on baby Josh

So my cousin josh, who I told you yesterday had pneumonia. Well the tests came back and he has micro plasma pneumonia, thats the type he has, which is very common in downs syndrome kids. They’ve put him on antibiotics, and he’s starting to improve a tiny bit. He’s still on oxygen, and still being tube fed, although today they did give him a bottle, which he was able to take and keep it down. The doctors said they have to do that because if they dont he might forget how to suck, and his muscles are quite weak to begin with. Thanks for all of the prayers and support. I know they’ve helped. Hopefully he’ll keep getting better as the days go on. Please keep praying for him and for his recovery.

Prayers needed please

Can you all pray for my little cousin Josh? He’s my cousins child. He has downs syndrome, and last night he was sent into hospital, because his breathing became difficult, and his oxygen levels dropped. Tests were done, and this evening the results came back. He has pneumonia. He’s pretty unwell with it. He’s vomiting every time they give him the oxygen. He’s only 5 months old. His heart is already weak since he has a hole in it. Please pray for him or keep him in your thoughts. I’d appreciate it very much.

My parents dog is ill

My parents dog, Biggie, is now very ill. He’s 13.5 years old. He’s been vomiting and had diarrhea all night. And he’s very weak. I think his lungs or heart is also effected as his breathing is laboured. Its so sad. And a sad fact is that he just might not pull through. We’re hoping he will but I’m thinking it isn’t looking likely. He can barely walk, and he needs help to get up out of bed. So sad to see him like this.

If you can send some positive vibes, prayers, and support as all of our insiders are sad as our parents have had him since he was a pup. We’ve all grown to really love him. He’s had a good life, but we’re not really ready to say goodbye to him yet. Obviously if we have to we will, but we really wish that he’ll recover from this and it wont come to that.

just so, so sad.

Prayers for my mom

Can you all send my mom some positive juju and prayers?

She’s really sick. As you know, she has COPD, well, at the moment she has a very bad chest infection.

She also has a bad ear infection.

She went to the doctor yesterday and he gave her loads of meds, antibiotics, drops for her ear, stuff to put in her nebuliser, and steroids.

Its just gone 4 AM now and she’s been up since 3:15. She cant lie down as she cant breathe when she lays down.

I’m worried about her. Some supportive prayers and thoughts for her recovery would be much appreciated by me.