Update on dads health

I just talked with my mom. There is a slight improvement in my dad this morning. She couldn’t really talk to me much, as he was in the room, and so she just said there was a slight improvement, that he’d gotten a little sleep, and things were looking slightly better this morning. I told her if she can talk more later to call me back, I hope she will.

My dad seemed to be his usual grumpy self as he usually is in the morning, I don’t think he realises how terrified I was, how I wasn’t able to sleep because I was going out of my mind with worry. My mom told him while I was on the phone that I was worried for him, and his response was, why are you worrying?

So what can I do. Only still worry. I will continue to hope he’ll improve as the day goes on. Please continue to send prayers for his recovery.