I cant quite believe this but…

I cant quite believe it!

Biggie, our parents dog, has made a miraculous recovery!

He seems to be fine again! He is eating, drinking, and he’s walking fine!

I am so, so elated! He is such a trooper!

We’re all super happy! He might have another couple of months with us! Yay!

I dont know if it was a bug he caught, from something he ate while he was out in the garden, not sure, but whatever it was, he has recovered!

That dog is a miracle dog! Thank god and thank you all for all of the prayers!

He’s still holding on

Biggie is still holding on. He’s a little brighter, although our dad is refusing to take him to the vet. I am absolutely appauled at our dad but he wont do it, he says its because he doesnt have the money for vet bills, but to me, if your dog is ill, then you do all you can to help him, and not let him suffer. To me that is what I would do. You would get the money even if you have to borrow it. I wouldnt have minded paying some of the costs to take biggie to the vets. Instead my dad is giving him painkillers, that you’d give to a human. Which I feel he shouldnt do. But I am not saying anything, because I’ll only land myself in a lot of trouble and it will only cause a lot of disagreement. Biggie has eaten a few bits of kibble, and a little bit of cooked ham, but thats it. He is drinking though. He’s still very weak. He’s just laying down a lot. For now he’s holding his own but for how long I dont know. I hope if he does go it will be in his sleep…he is 13.5 and its probably getting close to his time to go. He’s not whimpering or howling or anything but every now and then he’s panting and I think thats because he’s in pain. Please continue to send up prayers for him and for my dad too, even though he is making me so angry at the moment. My dad does love biggie very much. He literally saved my dads life, when my dad quit drinking for a few years, he threw all of his energy into caring for biggie, who was much younger at the time. He’d walk him every day and it kept him busy and kept him from thinking about alcohol. So he has a lot to thank biggie for. I just wish he’d do the right thing and bring him in to the vets to see what is wrong with him.

My parents dog is ill

My parents dog, Biggie, is now very ill. He’s 13.5 years old. He’s been vomiting and had diarrhea all night. And he’s very weak. I think his lungs or heart is also effected as his breathing is laboured. Its so sad. And a sad fact is that he just might not pull through. We’re hoping he will but I’m thinking it isn’t looking likely. He can barely walk, and he needs help to get up out of bed. So sad to see him like this.

If you can send some positive vibes, prayers, and support as all of our insiders are sad as our parents have had him since he was a pup. We’ve all grown to really love him. He’s had a good life, but we’re not really ready to say goodbye to him yet. Obviously if we have to we will, but we really wish that he’ll recover from this and it wont come to that.

just so, so sad.

My parents dog

my parents dog biggie is not well. he’s 12 and he’s a bullstaff, and yesterday, my dad was walking him and nitro, he let biggie off the lead just before they reached home. Biggie ran up the hill and into the garden, and then, he started limping, and now, he can barely walk. We dont really know what happened to him. He just cant seem to put weight on his leg at all. His leg seems very weak. He’s feeling very sorry for himself, poor guy. My dad doesnt have enough money to take him to the vet this month, so we’re hoping it will right itself. If not then maybe my sister will take him to the vets and pay for it, as he used to belong to my sister when he was a puppy.
Its hard to see him doing so bad. Poor pup. I feel for him. I am hoping he’ll be ok, and that its nothing serious that needs surgery or anything.

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a sick puppy!

nitro is sick. while we were out shopping today he picked up something in the elevator and ate it, and, he hasnt been feeling well for the entire rest of today. after shopping we all went for a coffee. in the restaurant he started puking. ewwww gross was all i could think. luckily one of the staff cleaned the puke up for me. the staff in the restaurant were so nice they got him a bowl of water and they didnt care that he had just puked all over their floor. i was soo embarrassed. all i could think was nitro, noooo!
he’s doing better now. he’s eaten tonight and he hasnt been sick again thank god.
Can I just say, I do not like the smell of dog puke!

carol anne

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Lazy Thursday

Today was a lazy day. I chilled out at home for the whole day. Did absolutely nothing. Didnt even get dressed lol.

My PA Kristen came this morning. I told her I was taking it easy, having a sorta mental health day. She did some cleaning around the house and then she went to the local store and got us both breakfast rolls. They were delicious.

A man came to deal with my wasp issue. He couldnt really do anything, he was just a city council worker. But he rang and arranged for pest control to come out to get rid of the wasps. Not sure when they’ll be out but I hope its soon.

Kristen helped me label all of my dvd’s. That took a while. I have this gadget called the pen friend. Basically how it works is you have labels and you make voice recordings and put the labels on things and then when you rub the penfriend along the label your voice speaks the name of the item. Its pretty cool.

I decided to have a nap when kristen left. Ended up sleeping for 2 hours. Then had dinner. Now am at my parents house, spending the weekend here. Nitro is sick. He has thrown up twice now. I’m not sure what is wrong with him but I am worried about him. I hope he is going to be ok.

Well thats about it from here. How is everyone else?

carol anne