Well I ended up going out today after all!
I went with my mom and my two aunts, we visited their two brothers, to hand out christmas gifts to them.
While we were there we got chatting. Mom and her siblings talked about when they were kids. So many awesome memories! It was so awesome to hear about their childhoods. They dont talk about them a lot.
They talked about christmases past, and their parents. One of the best memories they had was of their father bringing in bottles of coke, and saying, happy christmas, when these are gone they are gone, and my mom and her siblings never got soda, or coke, so it was a novelty to them to get it.
I just loved hearing about all the things they got up to!
It was the best afternoon. Not only because we caught up with each other, and handed out gifts, but just hearing about their memories, now that made my christmas eve!