3 things challenge March 3rd 2019

I am going to participate in the 3 things challenge for today that Paula is running!

Todays prompt: kangaroo, light bulb, taco

The baby kangaroo hopped around, he was so tired of life. His mom was always busy! He just wanted to go exploring! Where can I go, he thought. What can I get into!
Suddenly a thought hit him, I know, I can change the light bulb!
I dont know how to and I have never tried, but I can learn!
So off he went in search of tools! His mom was going to be pleased that her son was wanting to help around the house, he thought.
Yay for a new adventure! Just as he was devising a plan, his mom called him, joey, dinner time! We’re having tacos…your favourite!
The mention of tacos brought him running, all thoughts of that light bulb gone!


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6 word story prompt 27th sept 2018

I’m up early. Its not even 6 AM.

I woke at 4 AM. I had weird dreams that woke me up. Now I cant really remember what they were about. Just that they were so weird.

I’m determined to have a good day today. It helps that I feel positive and in a good mood yay.
Todays 6 word story prompt is: Learn
We learn, we change, we grow