Store and starbux

I’m gonna go out this morning. I need a few things at the store. I know what I want so will be in and out in a matter of minutes.

I’m meeting my PA frances there at 9 AM.

After we’re done in the store I’m gonna go to starbux. I dont know what I want to get in there, but I’m thinking maybe a mocha or an iced coffee.

I also have to go get money out of the ATM.

I’m going to the beauticians tomorrow to get my nails done and get some waxing done. First time since lockdown that I’ve gone to the beauticians.

I think I’ll also go to my friend normas house later on this morning. She asked me to call over a few days ago but I couldnt on the day she asked. I can today though so I think I will go spend a few hours with her.