You wanna see my grocery list?

The bag lady aka Sharyl challenged us to take a photo of our grocery list and post it. I don’t have a photo of mine to hand, so I decided to handwrite it out. So what did I buy this week? Well without furterh adieu here is what was on my grocery list this week!
Teabags! As I love hot tea!
Coffee! I discovered a new kind!Nes cafe smooth blend! Its heaven!
Fruit! Lots of fruit! I bought berries, peaches, nectarines, mandarins, apples, melon, grapes, kiwi’s, pears…the list is endless! And I ate it all in one week too!
Bread! I buy brennans be good bread…its lower in calories!
Alpan light cerial bars! I bought two kinds, cherry bakewell and chocolate fudge!
Pringles! I have to have a few pringles when I am eating a sandwich, so I buy two packets per week, of prawn cocktail flavoured ones.
Peanuts! I shouldn’t eat them but oh boy I love them!
Milk! I go through 3 litres a week!
Cerial! I buy wheetabix!
Crackers! Rice crackers are my new go to snack! I buy chilli flavoured ones!
Deodorant! I buy whatever ones on offer on any given week!
Chicken! Lots of chicken! I buy drumsticks and boil them and then put hot Korean pepper seasoning on them and I eat them for dinner with rice, or whenever I am hungry!
Baked potatos!
Rice! I buy boiled rice as I like to eat it a lot!
Stir fry! I love stir fry with noodles!
Eggs! Eggs are a great food and I eat a ton of them!
Baked beans! And peas!

Well that was about all I bought this week! Did you buy groceries? Do you buy a lot each week, some weeks I don’t buy too much and on other weeks I buy loads!

Fun Challenge #1

Retail therapy!

Well I have splurged a little today, a little retail therapy! I did a little shopping on amazon this afternoon. Of course I did make an error, that I hope can be fixed before my money gets taken out twice. I mistakenly payed for my item twice, so I went in and tried to cancel one of my orders, and it looks like it went through which is great. I bought myself a talking weighing scales, for baking, a kitchen scales. I want to try to bake more and do more around the kitchen, so heres hoping I can with this new gadget. It had really good reviews and it looked like it would be good, so I snapped it up. I got a really good deal on it too. Its going to arrive on Wednesday morning, I had them deliver it to my parents house instead of mine, as I’ll be out on Wednesday. Now the next thing to figure out is what I should bake, the recipes have to be slimming world friendly! But I wont have any trouble with them, as there are tons of recipes that are slimming world friendly!


A little late night shopping

I’ve been busy doing some shopping on argos! Argos is a store here in ireland and also in the UK.

I wanted a new external hard drive. I want to be able to store all my tv shows, movies and books. I have a few external drives, but none of them are bigger than 2 TB.

So I went on to the argos site and I found a good deal on a 4 TB one. So I reserved it! It wont be ready to be picked up until saturday though.

So I’ll probably go with my mom on saturday to pick it up. That was a quick 109 euro spent on it!

Its a nice feeling to be able to shop for something! What a good buzz.


Moms mothers day present

so mom and me went shopping as planned this morning. i wanted to get her something for mothers day which is tomorrow. we had a good browse around all the different stores in the mall. she looked at a lot of different outfits. she wanted to get something to wear for my cousins wedding which is in june.
after much browsing around she settled on a nice pair of flowery dress pants, a lemon dress top, and a jacket, I am not sure of the colour of that. I also got her a nice bag and a scarf to match those.
I spent almost 100 euro on her. But she’s so worth it! I felt bad as I hadnt gotten her a card. I thought I’d be able to go with my PA to get her one, but then I had canceled my PA for this week, and it just didnt occur to me to ask my sister to pick one up for me. She said it was ok, and that it didnt really matter to her about a card. She said she was very happy with what I did get her.
I’ll have photos to show you tomorrow. I’m saving the photo post of her in her new clothes for when its actually mothers day.
So it was a great shopping trip. We had a lot of fun. And we enjoyed the time spent together looking around the stores too.


Self care day!

I decided to do some self care today. So after dinner I went shopping with my mom and my sister.
I bought some new clothes. A new sweatshirt, a pink one, and a new pink sweat pants. And a pair of comfortable flat shoes.
I feel so good after doing all that. It was a nice distraction. I feel good about myself, and I feel happy with what I bought.
Going to enjoy the rest of my evening now, have a cup of tea and read, watch a little tv, and have an early night tonight.