Blog shout outs!

Does anyone want a shout out for their blog?

If you do, leave a comment below, with the name of your blog, and its link as well!

I will post shout outs starting tomorrow!

All bloggers are welcome to participate!

So go on, get some extra blog exposure!

I’m all ears, ready to post about you and your blog on my blog!

Cant wait to get going!


Blog share!

I was contacted and asked to share this blog so I am sharing it here today. The blogger writes the following about their site.
It’s a personal and honest site, using my experience to describe my coping techniques and trigger awareness methods. It’s not just about helping people now, it’s about saving them.


Blog shout out, Joanne’s blog midnight harmony!

Hi all

Today we feature Joanne, Go over and check out Joannes blog! You’ll be glad you did!

Its a great blog! Have fun!

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Suzi reached a milestone, and a link party too

The wonderful suzi over at the blog my colorful life reached another milestone last weekend. She’s having a link share party to celebrate. Go on over and leave your link it takes two seconds and it will get your blog more exposure.
300 Followers and a Link Share Party!!!!

blog shout out, A jeanne in the kitchen!

Jeanne writes a wonderful blog, where she shares her culinary skills, she’s a fantastic cook, her recipes are amazing, go check her out, go over and say hi to her and give her a follow!


Blog shout out! Light motifs!

Paula has a fabulous blog where she writes wonderful stories and musings. Go check her out and pay her a visit!

She also does a daily challenge, 3TC! Its fab!

Her link is

Go give her a follow!

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