Goals 31/03/2018

Hi guys
so my goals for today are only a few. If I get these done I’ll be very happy. But I am not going to push myself too hard.

Take meds
Eat a healthy breakfast
Put a color in my hair
Shave my legs
Wax my eyebrows and lip
Read my book for an hour
Visit my friend
Catch up on blogs

Have a great saturday everyone!

carol anne

Goals I achieved today

todays goals achieved werent many. but i did achieve a few things that I am proud of.
I cooked for my friend. I also cooked for myself. I had never made sweet potato before on my own.
itook a nice long hot shower. that made me feel good.
i brushed nitro. i also cleaned his ears.
i ate healthy food all day. i stuck to my diet plan.
i took a nap when i felt tired and I didnt beat myself up over doing it.

Goals 13-02-2018

goals for today tuesday are as follows…

make my bed
brush my teeth
eat a healthy breakfast
make sure the dog is fed and has clean water
go to class, work on self advocacy module
cook a spaghetti bolognes, a healthy one
have a healthy lunch
go do my volunteering
eat a healthy dinner
do one self care activity
read for half an hour
do some meditation
exercise for 15 minutes
go to bed at a decent hour

No goals

so I realise I’ve been slacking and not doing any posts where I list my daily goals lately.
I’ll get back to that tomorrow I promise.
To be honest I havent been setting goals for the past couple of days, and I noticed a huge difference in myself. I noticed I wasnt focused. I know I need to do it to stay on track and on target.
So look out for a goals post tomorrow.
carol anne

Goals 6th february 2018

hi everyone

so my goals for today…

eat brekfast, lunch and dinner, and try to make them all healthy meals
go see dr. barry
take meds
start an art project in mosaics
exercise for 15 to 20 minutes
read for an hour
write my food diary
finish writing my work experience diary
have some me time and let the littles out to play after class finishes

carol anne

Goals 6-2-2018

tuesdays goals are…

wake up at 7, feed nitro and let him out, done
shower, done
eat a healthy breakfast, done
take meds, done
go to class, work on the health and safety module, done
complete my food diary, done
go and tour a call centre, as part of my work experience module, done
eat a healthy lunch, done
do my volunteering for cork city partnership
eat a healthy dinner
read for an hour
get some exercise in
call my friend
do one self care activity to relax this evening