G is for goal orientated


Welcome to my letter G post in the #A to Z challenge.

I was sort of stuck on the letter g as to what to write. So then I decided that since I am a goal orientated person, I would write about that.

I like to set myself goals. I am quite goal orientated. When I set goals for myself I like to achieve them.

I usually write out a list of goals each day. I used to share my goals on my blog, and I may do so again, it was helpful when I did share them before.

Sometimes my goals are very small ones, like showering, eating 3 meals a day, etc.

Sometimes they are bigger ones, like losing weight, writing a specific post for my blog etc.

I like to try to have a few goals each day, and I like for some of them to be small and maybe to also have one bigger goal.

I feel disappointed if I don’t achieve my goals, but that is because I am a bit of a perfectionist. I sometimes put too much pressure on myself to complete each goal. That is not very helpful in the longterm.

My goals for today were:

  1. Wake up at 7:30 and shower.
  2. Go grocery shopping.
  3. Talk to my CPN Sarah.
  4. Eat a healthy lunch and dinner.
  5. Look up info on the carers allowance for my sister as she is applying for it.
  6. Write some blog posts.
  7. Exercise for 15 or 20 minutes.
  8. Read some of my book.