Video by trauma specialist bessel vander kolk not sure I’m spelling his name correctly

Here is a video by trauma specialist Bessel vander kolk, about how to stay safe and not feel isolated during the coronavirus pandemic when we are all isolating at home. Its a really great video so check it out!

Its Already Friday

My days just seem to blend into one another. Being on lockdown isnt helping any. I am just at home all the time, now, and sometimes I dont even get dressed, like yesterday, I stayed in my pajamas all day. Shame on me. I know I should make more of an effort to get dressed but I figure, whats the point?
Today though I will change that. I have my PA coming at 9 this morning, and I am going to take Nitro out for a walk. We’ll go out for half an hour. I hope we dont get stopped by the police, they are stopping people now and asking them where they are going and how far they intend to go etc.
Nitro needs a walk and so do I. I neeed the fresh air.
Other than that I work today. I thought I’d have next week off but again my supervisor asked me yesterday if I am ok to continue on working for another week, and I said I would. I wont see them stuck and with the pandemic they’ve gotten a lot of new referrals now.
Self isolation is so difficult. I have up and down days but I am trying very hard to just be ok. My friend Pat called me last night, and he said he’s feeling very depressed and he’s sleeping a lot. We talked for a while and I think it helped him to just chat. It helped me and I said I’d call him again this evening.
I literally havent seen anyone since sunday except for my next door neighbour and my PA. And thats how its going to be for a while yet I’d say. After my Pa leaves today I wont see anyone again until she comes back again next week on tuesday morning.
But I am thankful its the weekend, I do love weekends, even though nowadays every day seems like a saturday or sunday.

Woke up in a bit of a func!

I am in a bit of a bla mood today! I woke at 6, made a cup of tea, decided to just lay in bed and put the radio on, it was way too early to get up!
I managed to fall back to sleep until about 8:30. Then I called my mom. Thats what I do every morning, it would feel so weird if I didnt talk to her first thing!
I decided then to stay in bed for a while longer, and now I am regretting it!
I feel so lethargic! I knew I should’ve just gotten up! I eventually did, at 10:30, made more tea, and now I’m just on the computer reading blogs.
I figure its going to be a very slow day!
I am waiting for my sister to come over! She’ll either be over in between jobs, or else she’ll come right after she gets done with work.
She’s gonna clean the dog poop in the yard, what a nice job, not! Lol!
I have to work, but I so dont want to!
I am just not feeling it today!
Ga I hate days like this!


if your in Isolation a game to play!

This game made me smile! Its fun to do so I did it and you should too!
Your real name:
Shirley Healy, is the bodys legal name.
Your soap opera name:(middle name and street you live in)
Majella glentrasna
Your StarTrek name:(first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of middle, last 2 of first)
Superhero name:(color of your shirt and item to your right)

Blue water

Goth name:(black and name of one of your pets)
– Black Nitro
Rapper name (Lil’ + last thing you ate):
– Lil ham sandwich


We’re in lockdown now!

Well it has happened! We are now officially in lockdown!

The government made an announcement early this evening.

All schools are closed, they said until April 19th, but I’m pretty sure it will be for longer than that.

We’re not allowed to gather in groups of more than 4 people!

All non essential businesses are closed! Restaurants, cafe’s, everything is shut down!

Grocery stores are staying open, but we arent allowed to go out unless its absolutely essential.

They said we’re in this for the long haul. This could go on for months is what they said.

There is a law now that if your in a taxi, you have to sit in the back seat. You cant sit in the front.

Police are on the streets, manning the public parks, and other amenities.

I’ll be staying home, not gonna go to my parents. My PA said she’s still working, and unless that changes, I’ll be staying put.

I need access to good wifi, to do therapy, and my conference calls for slimming world.

So thats where things are at. I am anxious, very, very anxious. My anxiety has hit an entirely new level.

The only thing we can do now is sit tight, and wait, wait for this to pass, and as our local media here keeps saying, it will pass. It wont go on forever.


If we go into complete lockdown

Here in ireland our government is talking about putting the country into a complete lockdown, its being decided tomorrow what they will do. If we do go into lockdown, I’ve decided that I will go to my parents house for the foreseeable future, until this is all over. I am safer there. And it would be really difficult for me to get food, meds etc if we go into lockdown because my PA’S wouldnt be working, and I’d have nobody to go to the store for me or who could take me. The reason we have to go into lockdown is because this past weekend our beaches, public parks and walk ways were packed with people, people arent taking the social distancing seriously, they are treating the pandemic as if they wont catch the virus, and so why bother taking precautions? Its really selfish of them considering there are many vulnerable people, elderly people, sick people and people who need to avoid catching it at all costs. So this is why now our government is having an emergency meeting tomorrow to put a plan in place. God knows how long the lockdown will go on for when it starts, as our head of government said last week, this is a storm, it will come, and when it does we need to be ready. I am thankful I have somewhere safe to go. I am thankful I have my parents still. Its times like this when I know how lucky I am to have the support of family.
carol anne