Morning ramble

I am feeling good this morning. I feel good because I was able to go back to sleep, even though I woke up at 5 AM! I only stayed up for half an hour, then I went back to bed, and I slept until 9 AM! Yay! Sleeping in was good! It felt nice to be able to do that!
I had a nice breakfast and am now just messing around online, on twitter, reading blogs, I made coffee, it is delicious!
Life feels good! And I got trhough the summer solstice too so yay! I managed to get through it in one piece! For that, I am so grateful!
I talked to my mom this morning, she said it hasn’t rained yet at the campsite, I’d say we’ll have some rain later on today though, as its very cloudy outside and the sky looks dark too.
Mom is enjoying her trip. She said if it doesn’t rain she’s going to go walking this morning.
My friend Norma rang me, she is in a good mood. She just rang for a chat. Its nice to have friends who do that. I am so glad I do.
I have no plans today, just going to chill, relax, just do nothing, enjoy my free time. May have a bath later, for some self care, may read, I started a new book, just a child by Sammy woodhouse. Its good. I am on chapter 3 now.

Mental wellness challenge, day 9

I missed a few days of this but, I decided to just pick up from here. So today the prompt is

Day Nine.

Take care of yourself today. Do something from your self care list.

so today I practiced some self care. What did I do? I was good to myself. I napped when I got tired. I ate when I got hungry. I am about to read my book for a little while before I try to sleep. These may seem like small acts, but to me, they are a big deal. Because, lets face it, when you have mental illness, and when you struggle on a daily basis just to do the ordinary everyday tasks, doing these small acts of self care to look after your body and mind is huge.

What did you do today for self care?


Never felt so good

Showering never felt so good! I am just in heaven with my new electric shower. I absolutely love it. I love how warm the water is, and how powerful the shower is.

I am taking a lot of showers because I love it so much lol! It feels so good to be able to actually wake up, and go straight into the shower. Not have to wait for the water to heat up.

I am on cloud 9!

Who’d have thought a simple thing like a shower could make life so much easier!


Paddling like a maniac!

I paddle. Its sink or swim time here. I’m swimming. I keep going, despite everything. Despite feeling crappy. I keep pushing on. I paddle on day in and day out. I want to make it through! So I push and I push. I don’t let depression beat me!

It will never win! I will win!

I can do this! I just have to power through! And I will!

I already kick started my evening! I did 25 mins on the treadmill! Pounding the treadmill was awesome! It helped my mental health a lot!

I am so glad I did some exercise! Self care all the way! Yay!

My self care what I did to help myself feel good!

I am doing a lot of self care tonight!

I took a hot bath, and it was really nice! I relaxed in there for ages.

I made some tea, which I am enjoying as I write this.

I read blogs, and I will read some more of my book before I try to settle down for the night.

I emailed my therapist to update her on how we’ve been.

I played with Nitro. He always makes me feel good!

I watched some tv, and I did a little deep breathing, and meditated for a few minutes. That did seem to also help.

I feel less anxious now. I am actually feeling good! Long may it continue!

Now some sleep would also be good, but that may be asking for too much!

Self care Monday…

So what did I do for self care today? Good question. I did do some small things. So I thought I’d list what I’ve done. Since I spoke about tackling this issue the other day in a post.

Drank water. I am trying to drink lots of water, both to flush this kidney infection out of my system, but also for my weight loss, water helps in that department.

Had a bubble bath. I love my bubble baths. Being able to do that at my parents house is bliss. I don’t have a bath tub in my own house, only a shower, so having that luxury at my parents is nice.

Journaled. Writing always helps me. I enjoy it. I am glad I made time to do that today.

Ate healthily. I’m being very mindful of what I am eating. I want to be down at weigh in this week! I do plan in going to my weigh in, even though I have this damn kidney infection. I don’t want to miss that.

Texted with friends. Some of my friends have texted to see how I am doing. Its so sweet of them. So I spent some time answering their texts today and that felt nice and was really good to get their supportive messages.

What about you? What have you done for self care today?