Self care Saturday!

Its self care Saturday! I had a wonderful nap this afternoon! I also had a nice long hot bubble bath! My dad made his famous chicken curry for dinner, which he never eats, as he says he doesnt like curry. But he makes a very hot one, and mom and me had it and it was delicious.
After dinner I took my nap, and now I am feeling amazingly good!
Its so hot in this house though. Good thing I suppose as its very cold outside!
Now to finish off my self care saturday I am going to make a coffee and read my book! I am starting a new book tonight.

I thought I’d also share a little poem today so here is what I wrote this afternoon.

Cold outside
Warm indoors
Snuggle under my covers
Naps are good
They brighten my mood
tummy all full
I lie down
And drift off
To dreamland