Got out for a walk!

And I feel all the better for it!
Frances, bless her, said she’d still like to go for a walk. I would’ve totally understood if she didnt want to go, and I told her we didnt have to if she wasnt up to it.
But she said she was! So off we went. Just a short walk, 20 minutes, and Nitro was exhausted afterwords.
It is definitely true that when you get out in the fresh air you feel so much better afterwords. I am in a great mood this afternoon, some of that is down to the fact I got all of my calls done in an hour, so I have the whole afternoon free to relax now.
I also got my grass cut front and back, and I am so glad it is done, I was stressing over it for a few days, but eventually the guy came to do it this morning. It looks great now that its done.