Self care Saturday, anyone?

Things I am doing for self care today…to help me feel better…

Reading a book

Relaxing in a bubble bath

Snuggling with my puppy

Eating healthy wholesome food

Watching inspirational and motivational videos

Chatting with family memembers

Drinking a hot cup of tea

Putting on nice lotion


Self care Sunday anyone?

Hi. Its Sienna. Remember me anyone?

I’m out today. I’m having a nice slow day. A nice day of chill. Doing absolutely nothing.

A sorta self care day! I’m in my pj’s. I’m relaxed. Drinking a ton of tea. Cuddled up under a warm blanket.

It is nice. Nice to just be able to do absolutely nothing. I am enjoying it. Dont have to do anything or be anywhere.

Anyone care to join me?

What constitutes good self care to you? What do you do on days where your relaxing?

Let me know in the comments below!

Sienna, age 23


All quiet on this thursday!

so we had a quiet thursday! we usually go to the basement club on thursdays, but we didnt go today. i rang in and told the staff i wouldnt be in. the weather was poor, its very cold and lots of rain so I decided to just stay indoors!
I had been at moms, my sister dropped me back to my own house earlier today. I’ve done absolutely nothing all day! Just had a very relaxing day watching tv, reading and being online!
It is good as tomorrow it is busy around here! Tomorrow my PA will come, I will go to the gym, get my money from the ATM, clean house, and also go volunteering!
I was sorry to have to miss the recovery group and the creative writing group this week but these things happen! I wasnt going to risk not being able to get a taxi home! Plus my friend norma normally goes in with me and we half the expense of the taxi between us. Well she didnt go in today either!
There’s always next week for the groups. Today I just needed a sorta mental health self care day!


Slept the afternoon away

So yesterday I basically slept the day away. After dinner, I went to bed, and I was reading my book trying to finish it.
I fell asleep 2 chapters in. So I turned it off. And I slept.
I woke up at 5 PM, ate a sandwich, and then went right back to bed again
I was sooo tired. I needed the sleep.
This morning, I feel great. All the sleep did me good. I was up early, have eaten breakfast, and now am ready to take on today.
Sometimes you just need to be kind to yourself. Sometimes you need to look out for you. Mind yourself and be gentle with yourself.
I’m glad I did that yesterday.