Goals for Tuesday

i have just a couple of goals for tuesday.
im taking it easy although from my schedule it seems like i wont be doing much taking it easy even though i feel like i sorta will.
anyway, my goals…

take meds
go get my 3 monthly shot
eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner
go volunteering
go visit my friend, and do some training with her
read a few chapters of my book
talk to my mom on the phone
make an appointment for nitro at the vets
exercise a little bit, maybe do the workout on my phone
have an early night if possible

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Reblog…you sabotage your own life by living someone else’s

Anita over at discovering your happiness wrote this fab article and I thought she had some great advice so I am reblogging it.


You sabbotage your own life by living someone else’s

Goals update for Monday

i completed most of my goals today. Even though I only got 3 hours of sleep! i ate healthy meals. i showered. i went to therapy. I exercised for 30 minutes. I didnt visit my friend, because she wasnt free this evening, but I will wait for another day to do that. I still have to read, but I will read before I go to bed tonight. I am going to watch some tv, as my self care activity, take 2 hours for myself and watch britains got talent and the soaps. I still need to clean, Must do dishes in a little while. But overall I am happy with todays goals and my progress in achieving them.


I treated myself to a latte. A homemade one.

I found two in my cupboard and I couldnt resist having one.

I’m sitting here enjoying it, sipping it slowly, savouring every mouthful.

Its a caramel latte. And it tastes sooo good!

This is my self care thing for today.

Daily goals 22nd may 2018

I have only a couple goals for today. its going to be a relatively quiet day for me. my goals are to go volunteering, do some cleaning around my house, read for an hour or two, eat 3 healthy meals, exercise if i have a chance. And also to call my friend, go to the basement club, and do some sorta self care activity.


hi everybudy
it me lexi
ges wat
im playin wif nitro
hes so funy
he is diving on tha bed
and sitting on my lap
hes such a cutie
i had to put ar stufies out of tha way tho
cuz hed eat them
ar bunies ar stufie bunies they ar important
der nams ar misha and nibbles
emilia gave us misha
which we named afer her cat misha
and nibbles is the first one we had
shes a ty buny
shes purple
she always come to tha hosptal wif us
and wen we go see dr barry she comes
i love her
we sleep wif them two bunies
the news is on tv
i don lik hearin tha news
cuz it usuly sad
and somtims its scary
k i beter go now
we hav to take a shoer