We’re Sorted!

My college stuff is all sorted out now!

My friend went to our lecturer, and asked for his permission for me and her to do a new project. Normally he said he’d say no, but as we are so prepared he said yes to us. So we can now go ahead with the project we want to do! Yay!

We emailed the other 3 members of our former group, told them we were pulling out, and told them not to use our work in their presentation. Then we sent a copy of our work to the lecturer as well, just in case they don’t listen and try to use it and pass it off as theirs.

So its full steam ahead for us now. We’re working on putting our project together over the weekend, and on Monday we have a field trip planned. We’re meeting the coordinator of shine, which is the organisation we’re doing our project on, shine runs the basement club, that we’re both members of and we have also both volunteered in the past for them.

I know between the two of us we’ll ace this and get a good grade. We work hard, and we’re very particular, and we make sure things are up to scratch, not like the kinda stuff the others were trying to hand up.

I’m glad its sorted now. What a relief!

I didnt fail! my grades!

It looks like the thing last week, with our grades from college, where we thought we’d failed, was definitely a mistake.

My tutor emailed me, and she said nobody failed! So that means I’ve definitely not failed the last assignment! Woohoo I am so thrilled!

She said she’d go through with us tomorrow how to access the grades properly on blackboard. But I might go online in a little bit and look and see if I can figure out how to do it. I am excited to see what I got!

So all is well and boy am I happy I didnt quit!

I was almost quitting last friday! I am so glad I listened to my friend and waited and I am also really really thankful for all of you guys!

Thanks for being there for me! I really appreciate it!

I’m just so grateful I didnt fail!

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Panick over!

Well guys, I am rethinking things. I may actually be able to stay in college after all. I panicked earlier, when I saw that F on my grades. I couldnt cope with it. But my friend denise emailed me, she said she got an F too. And she said she knows 8 others who also got f’s. So something is clearly up. Something is a miss.
I feel if I can sort it out thenI may stay in the course after all. Despite my symptoms, and despite what is going on, I do like the course, I enjoy it, I enjoy learning.
Denise has emailed brenda our coordinator. So have I. I also sent an email apologising for my earlier one I sent her.
I hope this works out. I am glad I wasnt the only one who got an F.

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Story starter…

Today’s sentence: “Can I have a word with you?”

Can I have a word with you, sarah? The teacher said very matter of factly. But sarah knew it was trouble, she was going to be in serious trouble.
She had that feeling, the feeling of dread, as she walked to her teachers desk.
Yes? Miss? She tentatively said?
Sit down, sarah…her teacher said.
Sarah sat down heavily and waited, she waited, and waited some more.
Finally her teacher opened her desk drawer and took out a framed photo.
Here you go sara…this is for you.
I wanted to give you this photo to remember your class. Sarah burst into tears. Tears of relief.
She’d almost forgotten that she was leaving this school and her class behind, to move to america.
Have safe travels Sarah, and remember what I taught you about america! There will be a lot to learn once you move!
I will, miss, sarah beamed! And thank you, thank you for being the best teacher in the world!



I have this assignment to get started on for college. Its a poster presentation. We are working in groups. There are 5 of us in my group.
I do not enjoy group work. My group is fine, we are all friends. But I cannot seem to get started on the work for my part of the assignment.
I got an email tonight from one of the other members, telling me what I need to do for my part of the project. I told her I’d start it at the weekend, and I will try my hardest to do that. It needs to get done. Wish me luck guys!
Not feeling motivated at all!

Its here!

Well its here! Todays the day! Presenting in an hour! Omg! I am sooo nervous!
I didn’t sleep very well either. I managed to get 2 or 3 hours of sleep but that was it!
I got up at 6:30, drank lots of coffee, showered, and now I’m ready or as ready as I’ll ever be!
I went over my presentation and read it aloud! I hope I will do well at it!
My friend Denise is going to help me a little, she offered to use powerpoint for me, and press the button to make my slides go from slide to slide. I took her up on the offer. I think it will be good if the class has a visual thing to go on as well as me just talking to them.
I’ll sure be glad when this I sover! At least I am doing it at the start of class!
Wish me luck guys! I need it!

Busy day ahead!

i’ve got a really busy day ahead!

first I’ve got to go to college. Spend all morning there.

come home, have a quick lunch, then go see dr. barry. Hopefully I wont be waiting for hours to see her like I was last time I went there.

then come home from that appointment, have something to eat and then go to slimming world this evening. So its gonna be a super busy day with little down time!

And to top it all off, I’ve had no sleep tonight.

I’m exhausted, but its onwards and upwards for me!
I hope I will be able to stay awake in class!
carol anne

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