Fandangos provocative question

Do you believe that students should be required to return to school for the new school year? If you are a parent, are you at all concerned about sending your children to school? Or are you relieved to get the little rugrats out of your hair?

I believe that schools should only reopen if the virus numbers go down. Right now in ireland there are low numbers of positive cases. And as it stands right now we havent had any deaths in a few days. But with travel opening back up that could all change, and it probably will.

Its hard for the kids, my niece and nephew have both been off school since early march, my niece is 12 and my nephew is 7.

My niece was graduating primary school this year, and she never got to graduate with her friends, she had to miss that milestone.

I believe its hard for kids to learn remotely. I know for my niece and nephew, they dont want to do the work. They lost interest pretty quickly and their teachers tried hard to set work for them to do and the school work had to be sent back in, my sister had to take pictures of it and submit them as proof that it was done.

I do agree its important for kids to have routine, and I know school is a routine for them, and I agree its very important for kids to learn, and be educated.

But I believe safety comes first, and if this virus is still causing lots of people to be sick, and or die, then schools should not reopen. If they do, they’re asking for trouble. Its hard to social distance for most of us, for kids its even harder.