I’ll make my graduation after all, yay

so I found out this afternoon, that my graduation from college is on April 2nd, at 2 PM. That is great. It means I will make the ceremony. Its on a thursday.

I am so thrilled to be able to attend it. We havent officially been told yet, but at the meeting me and my friend went to this afternoon, the girl we spoke with was able to tell us when the graduation would be.

So its great news! Now at least I know I’ll be there, wearing the cap and gown and graduating. My overall results arent out yet, but they will be soon. I think I’ve gotten a 2/1 which is a second class honour.


I found out my graduation from college will be held in April. Not sure of the exact date yet but it will definitely be some time in April. I am away one weekend in april, the weekend of my birthday which is the 17th to the 19th. So I hope it wont fall on that weekend, as I desperately want to go to it. My tutor told me that we’ll recieve a letter in the mail shortly, with an invitation to the graduation in it. The invite is for me and two guests. I’ll probably bring my mom and my sister with me. She also said there will be instructions on how to go about hiring the cap and gown. You have to pay to hire those out. I really hope it falls on a weekend that I can do, so I get to go and wear the cap and gown. And get photos. Its important to me to make the ceremony. After all I worked hard in school for a whole year. Now I want to stand on that stage and recieve my certificate and be special for a little while.

Appealing one of my grades!

So most of my grades are out now for the modules in my course. There were four in total. So far I have two A’s And two B’s. That means I will get a 2/1 or a second class honour, thats how it works, if you get all A’s you get a 1/1 which is a first class honour.
I am going to appeal one of my B’s. That is the one where me and my friend had to pull out of our group and do another project on our own just the two of us. We got little support from the lecturers. And they gave us a B for our project which I didnt think we deserved.
It will be a lot of work appealing the grades. I dont even know how to go about it. My friend denise knows though. I told her I’d do it with her. I worked hard on that group project and the others in our group stole denise’s work too so they didnt deserve their B which they also got!
I think the lecturer gave them a b too, because he couldnt be just seen to give denise and me a B and then give the others who were originally in our group a different mark and a higher one.
I hope the appeal will be successful!
I want to graduate with a 1/1!

Presentation time at college

I have been working all morning on my presentation for college, which I will give on Saturday. Its finally done now. I have to give a presentation which is worth 75 percent of my grade for the module we’re doing, the presentation has to target a specific audience, and we have to use narrative to engage the audience. I am doing mine on depression and my target audience is teens. I used a case study and some research and stats to engage the audience. I also discussed the symptoms and causes of depression, and treatment options. I think the finished product looks good, if I do say so lol. I hope I’ll get a good grade. There is another part to the assignment, we must write a 600 word learner log, which is worth 25 percent of the grade. I havent done that yet though. I’m pretty proud that I got the presentation finished. I was worrying about it. I’m so ready for college to be done. On saturday I’ll be finally done. Yay! I am so excited. Its been a tough year. There was a lot of work in the course. I am glad I did it. I am proud I finished it and will graduate soon and get a certificate in mental health in the community.

No show!

Thats me today for college, a no show!

I just dont feel up to going in!

the classes we’ve had recently just havent really interested me that much, I think because the lecturer is not that good at teaching the material and I find it hard to pay attention to him!

Also a lot of the people in the class keep asking questions about our assignment that have already been covered, and so its pretty boring, as the same questions keep coming up!

I’m not going to miss a whole lot today if I dont go in!

I will just stay home instead and relax for the morning! I’ve been up since 4 AM!

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I have college this morning. I thought about not going, I woke up in a bad mood. But I decided I’d better go in.

I missed last week. I need to know what to do for the next assignment, and I kinda would like to get started on it as soon as possible, so as not to leave it until the last minute.

I have to leave college an hour early though. I am seeing dr. barry at 12 today.

I’d better start getting a move on to get ready, if I am leaving at 9, its 7:30 now already.

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College starts back today

I am going back to college this morning. I thought I’d have an early night last night, so that I’d be well rested and ready to face the day. Unfortunately that didnt work out to well for me. My next door neighbour decided that he was going to use a drill at 9:30 pm last night, and it went on for a while. Then he decided to run the vacume cleaner after the drill. To say I was pissed was an understatement. I eventually fell asleep but it was fitful sleep. I woke again at 1 AM and I’ve been up since. Its gone 2 AM now. Getting back to college, I am excited to go back. The first day back is always exciting, but it will also be kinda hard. I bet we’ll get our first assignment brief. I hope the lecturers explain what we have to do in a decent way. Our coordinator did give us one document about a week ago that had some information on the next assignment, so I know a little about it already. Its a pretty big one. I think part of it is that we have to visit an organisation related to mental health, and interview someone there and then create a poster presentation on the organisation and our findings. We also have to do an 800 word learner log. Not sure if there is more to it than that, but thats what I was able to find out about it so far. I’ll probably stay up now, class starts at 9:30. I need to book a taxi to get me there. I am leaving Nitro at home, he doesnt go with me to college. He gets too stressed out by the heat of the room. At least I was able to get a few hours of sleep, I suppose its better than nothing. I’ll probably be exhausted by the time mid afternoon rolls around, but I see dr. barry at 3:20 PM today so I cant nap in the afternoon even if I am tired.

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