What if?

sitting here
living in fear
fear he’ll find me
if he does
what then?
what will he do?
what will be my fate?
silence as i sit
shiver and quiver
my next move
and contemplate
his, too.

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I be fraid of the dark
I no want to go sleep
I fraid of bad peple
thay go get me
I kno it
I know they wil
I don wanna hav nitemares ether
im fraid of dem too
I emailed Eileen
I wish she cud hug me now
I wish she wus here
I lisened to her readin to us
that help me feel beter a little
I glad I hav some recordings of her readin to us
we ar getting som new books soon too
some new ones for her to read to us
thay haven’t com in the mail yet
I go pat nitro
hes sleepin rite now tho
I wil hav ta wake him
taylor six

Heard on the radio

I’m listening to the radio. I’m listening to a talk show, from earlier in the week, I think its last friday. A mother is on talking about her 12 year old daughter and her friend, who were almost abducted on their way home from school a few days ago.
It is so scary! 5 foreign guys in their 20’s, and one guy in his 40’s approached them, the guys were in a car, and they beckoned the girls to get in. The girls knew not to, but they panicked, and luckily another man in a van came along and blocked the car and allowed the girls time to run off into a nearby store.
God knows what would have happened if he hadnt come along! The girls may have been seriously hurt, or even killed!
Whats the world coming to? Kids cant even walk a short distance home from school nowadays! Everywhere is so unsafe, nothing and no one is safe these days.
I really shouldnt be listening to such things before bed. Now I definitely wont sleep thinking about this.

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it lexi

it lexi. hi everybody. I be so fraid. I fraid of rembering. I not like it. I not want to rember. rememberin the accident is hard. it so skary. so skary to fink bout it. I not lik finkin bout it. my hart pounds wen I do. and my head is hurtin. my nec is hurtin to. I jus not like it! I wish we never gon to the stor. den it wuldnt happen that we be in a accident.
lexi six

scary wind

is me mia
im skard of tha wind
it blowin hard
and makin a woosh noise
I no lik it
no feelin safe
I not goin bed
I wrot Eileen
I telled her I no go bed
she mit rite back soon I hop so
carol anne puted the radio on
cuz tha wind so loud
is rain ote side to
it a bad nite and I no like that
is anyone else skard of wind
and loud storms

me skard

me no lik tha dark me skard i not want go sleep i so skard of the badguys i skard thay go get me in the dark com to my hous and get in i tink badguys com ote in tha dark we had let nitro out agin he wand ote he is lying nex to us now tho i glad of dat i lov him i love snugle wif him he my frend he a big cudle bug i hop he kep me safe tonite
taylor six

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