Visit from a huge spider!

Omg! I am sooo freaked out!
I was sitting in the kitchen, eating my chicken, minding my own business, when my dad came in and said calmly…
“Oh look! I thought there was dirt on the floor, bent down to pick it up, and its a big black spider!”
Sheesh! A spider? All I could say was “Get rid of it! Get rid of it!”
He was like, no, you cant kill it! Cant kill it? Oh yes I think we can!
He kept telling me its just a house spider! I dont care dude, get rid!
We’ve had a lot of new speces of spiders in ireland, and what if it was one of those? It was big! What if it bit one of us? So reluctantly my dad caught it, and threw it outside!
And then, as an afterthought he said…
“It will only come back in again!”
I damn well hope it wont!
I’m not the better of the experience, and I couldnt even see the spider! But I am terrified of them, of all creepy crawlies! So to have one in the house is just a huge no no for me!


Mr. wasp!

Awakened by a loud buzzing
A wasp is in my bedroom
So close to me!
I am quickly up and out of bed
I jump up as if my life depended on it
Run out of the room
Calling to mom
A wasp, a wasp!
Quick, come quick!
Terrified, I stand outside the door
As she enters
And gets him out
Once he’s gone
I can go back to bed
But now I am fully awake
No going back to sleep
So I might as well get up
And shower
Thank you Mr. wasp
For the early morning awakening


That thunderstorm we had on thursday?

You know that storm we had on thursday night into friday morning? It lasted hours! The thunder lasted about 2 hours! The rain lasted from about 10 Pm till around 5 or 6 in the morning!
Anyway, a house got hit with lightning during the storm, it wasnt near where I live though. But there were 3 people in the house when it was hit! The fact it was hit by lightning is so scary to me! The only reason the guy survived was because he had rubber on his shoes, he was on the couch asleep when the house got hit! His wife and daughter were upstairs!
Imagine it? I’d be terrified! I didnt even know that sorta thing could or would happen!
Thank god we dont get bad storms to often! I am so so glad that we dont!


Missing Eileen

im feelin very sad. i wish i could talk to our therapist. i miss her so much. i hope whoevers sick in her familys that they will get better again. its hard not having her to talk to. we havent texted her yet. carol anne said she’ll do it tomorrow. its very late here its past midnight. we cant sleep. im feeling so scared and sad. i wish i wasnt feelin like this. i hate it. it hurts. my heart is hurting, and i want a hug.
allie 9


Big freak out

When I was letting Nitro out, a fly got in, a blue bottle fly. I had a bit of a freak out then. I hate them. They are so gross. So disgusting.

I had to spray fly spray to kill it. Then when I sprayed it I had to listen to it dying. Omg. I ran out of the room, took Nitro with me. I couldn’t stand it.

I hate flies. I am scared of them. Plus they carry so many germs. I literally freak out every time I hear one near me. I just hope its dead now.

We are going to stay out of the living room for a while. I am keeping the door shut and staying in the bedroom for now.