scary wind

is me mia
im skard of tha wind
it blowin hard
and makin a woosh noise
I no lik it
no feelin safe
I not goin bed
I wrot Eileen
I telled her I no go bed
she mit rite back soon I hop so
carol anne puted the radio on
cuz tha wind so loud
is rain ote side to
it a bad nite and I no like that
is anyone else skard of wind
and loud storms

me skard

me no lik tha dark me skard i not want go sleep i so skard of the badguys i skard thay go get me in the dark com to my hous and get in i tink badguys com ote in tha dark we had let nitro out agin he wand ote he is lying nex to us now tho i glad of dat i lov him i love snugle wif him he my frend he a big cudle bug i hop he kep me safe tonite
taylor six


me taylor

it 10 clock
i cant sleep
i posed ta be in bed
but im fraid
that purson who bang on ar door
thay skard me
i not likin when peple bang tha door
i tryin no be skard
i lisend to tha book eileen read to us yeserday
i lik hearin her voise
it mak me fel safe
i tryin memorise the book
i woner cuz nitro bark
if it meant danger
he never barks ever
or very litle anyway
it a scary thing that peple come at night
it was afer 8 pm wen thay knocked
is anyone up and abl to tok?

A big scare!

i just got a terrible scare. someone pulled up in a car, came in my gate, and banged on the door, they didnt even use the doorbell they just banged the glass on the window. not once, not twice, but about six times!
nitro got an awful fright too! he barked his head off and he never ever barks when someone comes to the door.
now i’m absolutely terrified. they eventually left but they left my front gate wide open!
i rang my next door neighbour but she didnt see who they were because she was with her dog whose really ill. she keeps a lock on her gate so they didnt bother her at all.
she checked for me because she said earlier this evening she saw a people carrier outside a strange one and she was wondering who owned it.
anyway. they’ve gone now. lets hope they dont come back.
i told my mom and dad and they said it might be people going door to door about voting, we have some reforendum coming up in a few weeks and so politicians and other people are going around canvasing.
what a scare though! and poor nitro!
carol anne

buzz off!

omg. my worst fear just came true. a huge wasp just came in the bedroom window. omg he was buzzing so loud! and so big!
i rushed out to tell my dad. both my dad and my mom came in here and got him out for me.
they know how terrified i am of them.
im not the better of it now lol. this is why i hate summer! lol not really but i am really and i mean really terrified of wasps and bees. i’ve never been stung and i dont want to be if i can help it.