Rambling post for this easter saturday

A good nights sleep is woth your weight in gold! That is what I think!
I have been having a very relaxed morning. We had a nice breakfast which mom made, it was gourmet sausages with some toast. It was so yummy.
Then my aunt called, she took Charlie for a walk. And then she dropped mom up to the local shop to get some things she needed.
I helped mom to change her bed, then we sat in the kitchen talking for a while, and playing with the dogs.
We are planning on sitting outside as the sun is shining, and so we’re going to take full advantage of it, and go out in the garden with the dogs.
Dinner today will be steak, fried onions, fried peppers, broccoli and mashed potatos.
I got 3 easter eggs, one from my mom, one from my sister, and one from my PA Frances.
My mom got me a cadburys mini eggs one, my sister got me a cadburys crunchy one, and frances got me a mint aero one.
I will have lots of chocolate for a while, as I will eat it very sparingly.
Enjoy your saturday everyone, and stay safe,