Out in the garden!

What a glorious day it is. The sun is shining, its about 22 degrees C here. I have been out in the garden sitting in the sun, with nitro and my parents. The neighbours have the music blaring and it is so nice. My dad cut the grass and mom has been gardening. I am planning on taking a few photos of moms flowers later on. My sister came over for a short visit, she was dropping off food for me, she made me chicken tica massala to have for dinner during the week, she had made it for her dinner yesterday and she had leftovers so she asked me if I’d like them. What an amazing sister she is. I thought my dad might walk the dogs, but he said its too hot to walk them today, so he’s going to walk them tomorrow instead. I am excited because mom is making steaks for me and her for dinner, I love steak, we’ll have it with mashed potatos and cauliflower. The good weather is not supposed to continue though, tomorrow its only meant to be 10 degrees, and the rest of this week looks like it will be dry but not very warm.

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enjoying a glass or 2 of wine

I am watching britains got talent with my parents, and I am enjoying a glass of wine. My cousins bought it for me for my birthday. I am going to have 2 glasses, it tastes really nice.
I’ve had a pretty good day. Didnt get up to much.
Mom made steak for me and her for dinner, which went down a treat. I have been online a lot today, and I’ve also been reading a lot.
The weather was lovely, it was a very sunny day.
I hope you’ve all had a terrific saturday.

Nothing much to report

I am ok tonight I guess. I feel very thirstay though. Have drank a ton already tonight. Not sure why I am feeling so thirsty.
I slept a lot this afternoon, I guess I am still getting over the UTI!
I got burger king for dinner. I know its not the healthiest but I wanted to treat the kids for easter. They enjoyed it. I used deliveroo to order it. I like the app a lot. Its very user friendly and accessible.
A new series of britains got talent started tonight. I enjoyed watching it.
I think I’m gonna try to go to bed early though. I am exhausted.

Mid day ramble

I’ve had a quiet morning. I just cooked breakfast, I made sausages with toast. Then I watched an episode of evil online, and I was sorting out media files on my hard drive. Thats a work in progress. I decided to take a shower because I figured it would make me feel good, and it did. I put a nice ginger body spray on after it and ginger souflet body lotion. Its a lovely day here today, but I dont think I’ll go outside. I might, I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. I was thinking about going out in my back garden and reading my book, and bringing Nitro out there with me also. I’m nervous of insects and bees, but I might just try to spend even a half an hour out there. I’ve decided to treat us to a chinese meal for dinner, I’ll get it delivered. It can be an easter treat. I’m gonna go on facebook for a while now and see what the gossip is on there, catch up with family and friends. I hope your all having a nice saturday.
carol anne