Today was a do nothing sorta day

And I badly needed it!
I slept in late, really, really late. I didnt get out of bed until after 1 this afternoon! I was glad to be able to just stay in bed and relax. I havent been sleeping great so I caught up on my rest.
I’ve done nothing all day today besides read, eat, read some more, go online, and make a few phone calls.
I feel all the better for having a chill sorta day!
Tomorrows looking like it will be more of the same, but my mom is coming over, and we might go spend my gift voucher that my sister got me for christmas. She got me a voucher to a clothing store I love, so I might go see what their sale is like and see if I can pick up a few bits to wear.
Maybe I’ll even model what I get for photos and post the pics on here!
We’ll see. If I feel like it I just might do that.
Other than that, me and mom are probably just going to hang out, chat, and mom wants to help me do a few bits around the house, plus she will clean my yard, thank god I have her to do that for me! I never know where Nitro goes because he usually doesnt stick to the same spot!
I had to text Eileen too earlier, I forgot the time of our session on Tuesday! She texted me back and told me and so the panic was averted!
And of course it was great to connect with her!
Thankful for therapy on tuesday and happy to be seeing Dr. Barry on Monday!

Loss of cell phone service

I’m so irritated. I’ve been sitting here for ages, trying to figure out why I had no service on my phone. I didnt notice it at first, since I am using wifi, and facetime, and I didnt have to make a call to anyone using my actual phone provider. Eventually though I noticed it, when looking at my phone. It said no service up at the top, where the signal usually is. So then I was like huh? Why is this happening? So I rang my providers customer service, only to be told we are closed, but then it said, if you’d like to speak to someone about your mobile phone, press 2. So I did that, and managed to speak to a very nice chap who rang in to tech support to see if they were doing anything in my area that would cause me to lose service. And what do you know, they were! They were checking the masts in my area! The guy he spoke to fixed a few settings on my phone, he said they might be also causing me to have drops in service, so he fixed them, and I rebooted my phone. And now everything seems to work fine again thank god! Its rare that I lose service on my phone, I can count the times since I’ve been with this provider that I’ve actually had no service, so I’m happy that they were quick to fix things for me!

#Socs: Oh fiddlesticks!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is oh. Use it as a word or find a word that starts with oh. Bonus points if you start and end with oh. Enjoy!

Oh. My. God!
Can I say it again?
Oh. My. God!
I’m just like, will I ever get my assignment done?
Its Saturday! College work is not what I want to be spending my saturday afternoon on!
I’d rather be spending my time with friends!
Or relaxing with a good book!
Instead I am preparing a presentation! Ug sigh!
At least I have pepsi! I had to come over to my own house to prepare the presentation, and I have no milk, so couldnt even make a coffee!
Well as you can imagine I am not best pleased at that fact!
I need coffee! At least there is one good thing, when I am done and go back to mom and dads, mom will have my dinner ready for me!
We’re making cottage pie, topped with turnip! Turnip instead of mashed potato! The healthy route!
Its a slimming world recipe! I am looking forward to trying it out!
Well better get back to work now! Adios for a while!