Its Saturday 1st August

Well, I had a quiet day. No sign of my computer arriving though. I am so frustrated!

I got up to very little today. My friend Norma came over for a while. We just hung out, I have been ripping dvd’s to my computer, trying to stay busy. Todays been a struggle, so I needed to be kept occupied, and stay busy.

I was going to go to my parents for the night, but I couldnt get a taxi, so I stayed put. Mom and dad said they’d bring me dinner tomorrow. So nice of them to bring me dinner, my dad said he’d cut my grass for me too.

Surprisingly I’ve felt okish, the anxietys a little high but nothing I cant handle. I napped for a while earlier and that seemed to help some.

I hope you all had a nice day. Stay well, stay safe!