Beach babe!

I am so delighted because I get to go to the beach today! For the first time this summer we can actually drive to a beach. Its so cool.
We arent sure yet which beach we’re going to, but it will be somewhere in county cork.
I am so excited! I cant wait to go dip my toes in the ocean and eat sandwiches on the sand and walk along the beach and breathe in the sea air.
My mom and sister and my sis’s kids are also going.
I might even take nitro, although am not sure yet on that.
I’d love to take him, but it will depend on if my sister is ok with him being in the car but I’d love to take him. I mean she loves him and she does allow him in her car, but well we just dont know how well he’ll do with the journey, so I’ll have to see how he goes this morning and my gut feeling is, if I can I will take him.
This outing is the first real family summer outing we’ve had.
Hoping its the first of many!
carol anne