word of the day: sand


slips through my fingers


slips by slowly

i cup my hands

so the sand stays in them

wish i

could cup time

in the same way

i wish that

time wouldnt speed by

zooms so fast

that i almost

cant catch up with it

and like the sand

slipping through my fingers

hours slip into days

and into weeks, months


make the most of time

for we dont know

when we wont have it any longer


Word of the day

Thursday photo prompt

Sue vincents thursday photo prompt this week is awesome! I thought I’d participate in it.
For visually challenged writers, theimage shows the sun painting a golden pathway across the sands and sea

sun illuminating
the sand, and sea
creating a shimmering path
Feel its beauty
Basque in the suns rays
Sit on the soft sand
Paddle in the sea
Look around
Life is so beautiful now.