Ireland’s national holiday, saint Patrick’s day

For his Friday faithful’s post this week, Jim Adams has asked us to write about saint Patrick’s day so here I go!

I had a lovely saint Patrick’s day.

The weather cooperated and it didn’t rain!

I didn’t go to any parades, because my mom didn’t want to go where there would be a crowd.

Instead, I relaxed at my parents house. I read, I blogged and I played online for a few hours.

I didn’t eat corned beef and cabbage, actually I didn’t eat any Irish food at all.

I did watch the festivities from around the world on our local news though.

My favourite parade was the new York one! What a parade it was! The Americans really know how to celebrate don’t they?

I hope you all had an amazing day yesterday, and whether you celebrate the day or not, I am hoping you enjoyed your Friday, and again, I say happy saint Patricks day to one and all!

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