reading with eileen!

dis is lexi
gess wat?
eileen said shed read to us
next week we’re gona bring ar new book
tha one sarah got us fir crismas
its a book bout bein brave
and i cant wait for eileen ta read it ta us
she said if we bring ar recorder
ar digital recorder
then we can record her readin it
yay dat wil be so neat
cuz i love wen eileen reads ta us
it fils so safe
it makes me hapy
so next week we’ll have a fun time
and we can sit next to eileen
and she can read tha book ta us
and then i can wrap up in her warm soft blanky
and it wil be so neat
love frum
lexi six

What is safe?

what does safe feel like?a question Eileen posed today
Safe is
The calm presence of you next to me
Your soothing voice
Your calming energy
The fleecey blanket wrapped around me
The ticking of the clock on the wall
The warmth of your office
But most of all
I am safe
when your with me
I am safe
When we are together
I am safe
I am truly safe
with you beside me
Thank you Eileen
For always making it safe

dark kids: Creating a room with Eileen in it

its ebony and kia. we are 7 and 11. we had some time witheileen today in therapy.
we was real scared. we been having lots of icky memories coming up.
Eileen was so kind ta us. we was waiting to see her all weekend. it was a long weekend of waiting.
she sat by us today. and she said she can support us. she put her hand on our shoulder, cuz we wasn’t ready for a hug yet.
That felt nice. safe. felt good. we like that she sat by us.
we decide to create a room for the dark kids. a room like eileens office.
so that’s what we did. we made it esactly like her office is.
she said she can go in there with us. and we can sit with her in there when we’re sad or scared.
I like that idea. it fils safer ta us that shes in there with us.
we also took all of the bad memories, and we are going to leave them in her office. well not in there, but outside of it, in a big container, a huge one.
and we’ll look at them when we feel more ready and lesser scared ta do that.
but until then eileens mindin them for us!
so yeah that’s good, right? feels good we aren’t alone with them!
we only had about 15 minutes today but we’ll have more time next week!
and im glad we gots Eileen ta help us! shes kind and she care bout us!
frum ebony and kia, ages 7 and 11

Writing prompt 23, from Sarah elizabeth moore

What I see in the clouds

Rain and stormy skies. That is what I see in the clouds tonight. My dreams are stormy. My mind whirs. It spins. I look to the clouds and immediately I fear a storm is brewing.
I hope I can contain it. I hope my clouds will turn sunny soon. I like the sun. I like fluffy clouds, a fluffy cloud feels safe. Its safe to say I am a child at heart. I havent lost that childlike wonder, that a fluffy white cloud can bring. I want to sit on that cloud and dream.


no safe no feel safe

i no fel safe. i scard. i did iemail eileen. i ask her am i ok. is it ok, i telled her that i not safe not feel ok. no i just fels so sad and skard.
anyone up? you think ill be ok?
hops eileen anser me soon. miss her.
taytay six


april here

i feel so sad. my heart hurts.
i emailed eileen. i glad i could do that.
it make me feel better to email her. i told her i need a hug.
im going lisen to her readin now
that always help make me feel safe
i think it be portant to feel safe
april 8


Moving house isnt going to work out

So that possible move? Not gonna happen! Never going to happen! Not feesable at all!
I did a little research. I talked to mom and dad. They told me that the complex I was thinking of, they only accept over 60’s. Well I have a looong way to go to get there! So its a no go!
I’m a little bummed. It sounded ideal! And oh so good if it could happen! I would be secure, safe, and happy!
I guess for now I’m staying where I am! And going to just keep working with Eileen on staying safe! The thing is we dont feel very safe where we are. Dont get me wrong, its a nice area I live in now. My neighbours are nice. Especially the lady who lives next door to me!
I just dont feel safe though! I am constantly anxious. I constantly am worrying about someone getting in, hurting me, breaking in, etc. Its just a constant thing. I wish it wasnt so!
I’m sad this move wont work out for me. But well better I know now. It means I get to try to work on making myself safer, and happier in my home I have right now!