So my mom just shared a post with me that she saw on facebook. A local store that fixes Ipads, computers and phones, had a really close call today, while they were fixing a computer it blew up, almost causing an explosion and a fire.
She knew my electricity had gone out today, and she said maybe I’d had a power surge, and it had caused the power to go off. I always leave things plugged in, although I do have a surge protector, but still, I am scared now. So I will plug my tv out at night from now on, and disconnect my computers also.. I wasnt doing that before.
I certainly dont want to die in a fire. What ahorrific way to die.
The store where the fire took place today posted a post on fb, warning people not to overcharge their devices, and to stay safe. I for one will be heeding the warning.

Video by trauma specialist bessel vander kolk not sure I’m spelling his name correctly

Here is a video by trauma specialist Bessel vander kolk, about how to stay safe and not feel isolated during the coronavirus pandemic when we are all isolating at home. Its a really great video so check it out!

Making a safe room inside, with Eileens help

its kelli. we had a good therapy session yesterday, when we actually were able to get there. i thought i wouldnt be able to go. i was frozen, unable to speak, unable to get my words together. eileen was great. she talked to me and told me to breathe, and just get a taxi and get to her office, and she said she’d help me once we got there. and she did. she walked us through making a safe room inside. for the kids and teens. we already had a little room that looks like her office, but we extended it, so now its a huge room. with an area for us teens, and another area for the kids, the infants and toddlers have their own nursery inside. the safe room is supervised by two adults, landen and kris. when there’s a lot of kids in it there will need to be more adults supervising. the room has blankets, cushions and pillows, bean bags, art supplies, toys, a stereo and lots of other stuff, it even has games consoles for the teens but eileen said we cant have any violent games ha ha ha. i asked her if she knew anything about teens. lol she said yes i do actually. i knew she did, i was just kidding around. she saidthat if we need to feel connected to her to just go to the part of the room thats like her office, and that she’d be in there with us. so thats awesome. i’m so happy shes in there with us. whenever we’re sad or scared, we can go to the safe room inside. or whenever there are things that we dont want to see, or stuff going on that kids and teens dont need to see or hear, we can go there. i’m so happy about it. it feels so good that we have somewhere to go now!

reading with eileen!

dis is lexi
gess wat?
eileen said shed read to us
next week we’re gona bring ar new book
tha one sarah got us fir crismas
its a book bout bein brave
and i cant wait for eileen ta read it ta us
she said if we bring ar recorder
ar digital recorder
then we can record her readin it
yay dat wil be so neat
cuz i love wen eileen reads ta us
it fils so safe
it makes me hapy
so next week we’ll have a fun time
and we can sit next to eileen
and she can read tha book ta us
and then i can wrap up in her warm soft blanky
and it wil be so neat
love frum
lexi six

What is safe?

what does safe feel like?a question Eileen posed today
Safe is
The calm presence of you next to me
Your soothing voice
Your calming energy
The fleecey blanket wrapped around me
The ticking of the clock on the wall
The warmth of your office
But most of all
I am safe
when your with me
I am safe
When we are together
I am safe
I am truly safe
with you beside me
Thank you Eileen
For always making it safe