Death of a pet

I have some sad, sad news. Our parents dog Biggie died. He died yesterday morning at 6:45 AM.
He tried to get out of his bed at around 5:45 AM and he fell. Then he started panting hard, and he managed to crawl from the living room where he slept in to the kitchen where he passed away. My parents had gotten up when they heard him falling out of bed. They were with him when he passed.
My dad buried him in their back yard. We’re going to put a rose bush down on his grave in his memory.
He was 14 years old. He had a good life. He was very loved. My parents are devastated. My mom said my dad cried like a baby. I cant imagine it. I mean seeing my dad in that state. But he adores dogs, all dogs.
So it was a sad day for our family. It was weird to go to their house yesterday and not see biggie. It felt really surreal. I missed him so much.